Check for the results of the State lotteries and gambling It’s from ELEVEN on Saturday, April 8, 2023. See if you’re one of the winners of the weekend’s sweepstakes.

Result Bonoloto

For those who have participated in the raffle Bonoloto this Saturday, April 8, 2023, we inform you that the winning combination is the one formed by the numbers 18 28 30 33 40 45. Cashback for this game of chance is for all numbers ending in two and the complementary number is 07.

Primitive Result

This Saturday the winning combination in the primitive It consists of the following numbers: 19 23 30 37 42 47Being the 09 the accompanying number. The refund went to 7. Finally, the winning number in the optional draw called ‘The Joker’ is the 3 977 374which receives 1 million euros.

National Lottery Results

The last draw National Lottery was held this Saturday, with the following results: the first prize went to the 41994, who receives 600,000 euros for the series. 120,000 euros corresponding to the second prize went to number 74101. Refunds were for issues ending in 4, 5 and 8.

ONCE salary result

He soldering from Spain’s National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) came out as the winning number 46173with the series 003, which takes 300,000 euros plus a salary of 5,000 euros a month for 20 years. In addition, the following numbers win a prize of 2,000 euros per month for 10 years:

  • Number: 14151 Series: 014
  • Number: 62515 Series: 052
  • Number: 42962 Series: 052
  • Number: 88662 Series: 040

Triplex ONCE result

the draw of triplex left the following results: in the first draw, the winning number was the 125. In the second, the number 926and in the third, the 417. Matching one of these numbers entitles you to 150 euros.

Super ONCE result

The three draws super eleven of April 8 assigned the following 20-digit combinations: for the 10:00 draw, the numbers 01 02 08 13 17 24 26 28 30 40 42 43 48 50 51 52 60 63 67 74; for the one at 12:00, the numbers 03 08 12 17 18 19 21 22 33 34 37 53 55 56 65 67 71 72 75 76; and for the one at 21:45, the numbers 01 03 04 05 09 12 15 21 34 40 41 43 45 46 48 49 56 60 67 77.

ONCE raffles

At ‘El Sueldazo’, players opt for a prize of €5,000 per month plus €300,000 in cash at the time. This premium, similar to a monthly salary, lasts for 20 years. Coupons that match the main prize numbers in all five digits receive 20,000 euros. Whoever has the same last four digits receives 200 euros; those of the last three, with 30 euros; those of the last two, with 4 euros, and those of the last value, with 2 euros of reimbursement.

In addition, ONCE launches a wide range of different draws, trying to compete with the offer of State Lotteries and Games of Chance. Triplex is held three times a day, seven days a week, and rewards those who match a three-digit number. Super ONCE is also done daily, coinciding with Triplex. In this case, you bet 5 to 11 numbers from 1 to 80.

National Lottery

Loteria Nacional is one of the most popular and traditional games of chance in Spain. It happens twice a week: Thursdays and Saturdays. This draw, deeply rooted in Spanish society, is the responsibility of State Lotteries and Games, which in turn depend on the Government of Spain and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The normal sale price on Thursdays is 3 euros per issue. However, on normal Saturdays, as it happens today, it is 6 euros. In extraordinary draws associated with specific dates and on Saturdays considered special, the price varies between 12, 15 and 20 euros per ticket.

the primitive

La Primitiva is an active participation draw in which there are six different numbers between 1 and 49, plus an extra number if you want to optionally participate in ‘The Joker’ game. Each ticket has a refund number between 0 and 9. You can try to play this draw every Thursday and Saturday.

La Primitiva also offers its players the option of playing “the Joker”, an optional game where the maximum prize is 1,000,000 euros for tickets that match the 7 digits of the winning number. This game is accessed by paying an additional euro.

The Bonoloto

With a function very similar to that of Primitiva, it is one of the cheapest games that Loterías y Apuestas del Estado has. The participant must choose six different numbers between 1 and 49 and the refund is random between 0 and 9. You can play Bonoloto from Monday to Saturday, the bets have a cost of 50 cents and, for your ticket to be valid in the draw, you must bet at least twice, paying 1 euro in total.

Bonoloto allocates 55% of the benefits it obtains from ticket sales to the distribution of prizes corresponding to the winning numbers. You can play single or multiple times, that is, you can participate in the draw of the day or enjoy and play in all the draws of the week. This last way to participate is more expensive, but offers more chances to win some of the prizes.

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