Children’s fashion is constantly evolving. Now the little ones also have their own trends and a wide range to choose from. However, despite this huge variety, there are always options that, due to their quality and history, are choices without margin of error, as is the case of Mayoral. It is the undisputed leader of national children’s fashion. This reputation was earned by the ability to preserve the comfort of the little ones, without having to give up an exclusive design.

It has also been able to reinvent itself and adapt to current times and the demands of the industry and its consumers, progressively incorporating eco-responsible materials, with a third of the cotton used being sustainable. Additionally, they expect 50% of collections to contain sustainably sourced fabrics by 2025, joining the ranks of brands and companies committed to fashion committed to the planet.

For the next spring/summer season, Mayoral has created a collection full of freshness, comfort and color. In it, Mayoral offers a complete look composed of versatile and timeless silhouettes for every occasion. We analyzed the different lines for boys, girls and newborns.

They also follow the trends

The trends also reach the children’s fashion sector and we can see this with the new collection for girls. In view of the arrival of good weather, it incorporates fresh and current silhouettes, such as the baggy trousers, which we have seen so much, or the cut outs, those openings that break in the garments, giving them a special touch.

They also managed to include more striking colors, such as pink and green, both present in current fashion, and expanded the Beachwear and Ceremonial lines, focusing on rising temperatures and the event season that is yet to come. come over.

For them, a more casual style

In the case of the boys’ collection, the casual and street look they gave to the collection stands out. Dropped shoulders, volumes and silhouette triumph oversized. Prints and tie-ye, typical of this season, invade the pieces. In the case of men, options are often very limited. For this reason, Mayoral has chosen to diversify its offer by creating new pieces such as the jogger or the total look proposals.

Comfort and color are the Newborn’s keys

Aimed at babies up to 18 months, it is clear that comfort has to be a key constant, but fashion has no place for that. For the Newborn collection, Mayoral opted for the development of silhouettes that favor diaper changing, but in a rich and varied color chart. The coordinating outfits and accessories also go up, as does the ceremony offering.

Your feet, also in fashion

With regard to shoes, all lines improve the flexibility of the soles and the lightness of the models and, like the clothing lines, also include recycled materials, once again demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

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