Barça’s Coliseum, during the Barça-Real Madrid Cup, spoke loudly and asked for the return of the most decisive hero of all time: Lionel Andres Messi. Another thing is that the salary cap of the FC Barcelona allow his return, but the fans will never forget the mark left by the Argentine and this was demonstrated with the screams of “Messi, Messi!” on that last night, he toured the crowded stands of the Barcelona stadium, ​​in which 94,902 souls gathered.

Even with a certain nostalgia, we wish for a ‘last dance’ by Rosário in the Spotify Camp Nou. For what he gave to the team between 2004 and 2021 and, above all, for not being able to fire him at the time as he would have deserved.



Barça, with Messi, entered another dimension. With the Argentine in the ranks, the team won 35 titles and, in the individual chapter, also proved to be from another planet by accumulating 778 games, 672 goals (394 on Spotify Camp Nou and 474 in LaLiga) and 542 wins (in addition to 142 draws and 94 defeats).

Messi, in addition, among many other brands, he accumulated 137 doubles, 41 hat-tricks, 6 pokers and 1 repoker. And he beat 167 goalkeepers… In one calendar year (2012) he scored 79 goals and the 2011-12 season increased the tally to 73. Figures only hit the chosen ones, like him.

Alemany and Jordi Cruyff gave their opinion

in the microphones of Spanish televisiondirector of football at FC Barcelona, killed germanydid not feed the possible return of the Argentine, but did not close this possibility with a slam: “I have nothing to say on this matter. Messi is the living history of Barcelona, ​​he is the best in the history of football. The esteem held in this house is unquestionable & rdquor;. He added that “The player is now at PSG fighting for titles and we are fighting for ours. In the future we will see what happens.”



Jordi Cruyffsporting director, in turn, asked “tranquility and discretion & rdquor; why “He is in another team, with a contract. Consequently, maximum respect & rdquor;.