Gradually, the days get longer and the nights shorter. It means that spring is coming. But at this time we still need to have some warm clothing to protect us from unpredictable drops in temperature. Say goodbye to the raincoat because the mid season saharan jacket.

In the spring dressing room, it is a classic to have the trench coat, that coat that appears every autumn and spring to complement and give an extra touch of style to our visual.

However, it’s so true that it goes with everything and it’s hard to find a look that we can’t fit it in, that we run the risk of getting bored with it. For this, Tamara Falcó, a regular in this type of play, has the solution.


Saharan Jackets as a Replacement for the Trench Coat and Cloth Coat

Trench coats are a wardrobe staple for Tamara Falcó, but knowing they can get repetitive, she found a replacement for this mid-season outfit. And it is that the Marquise de Griñón appeared in one of her last photos on the social network Instagram with a demi-season coat that is not a raincoat, but a Saharan brown chocolate. “Sunday, the day to plan the week”, entitles Isabel Preysler’s daughter to this photo album in which she can be seen jotting down phrases in a diary.


The Saharan is a classic garment, with a more sporty style than the trench coat, which is comfortable and functional for everyday wear. Although the classic color is khaki green, each season brands reinvent the piece and offer us new tones and patterns.

Be careful with your pockets when choosing the Saharan

Tamara Falcó’s Saharan jacket is chocolate-colored and has several pockets, another feature of this jacket. This must be taken into account when choosing one or the other, because the pockets They will add some volume wherever they are placed.