• Many users found the club’s comment displaced, hypocritical and regrettable.

  • On that same day, March 8, 2020, the match Rayo Vallecano x Elche was played

Today day March 8, 2023 many have dedicated a space on their networks to share and support the feminist struggle in the International Women’s Day. Many companies have also chosen to dye themselves purple to contribute to the cause. This was not the case for the football club Rayo Vallecano which, on the contrary, triggered the alerts of many with a tweet considered unfortunate hinting at the relationship between the beginning of the pandemic and the outbreak of 8M.

“Our memory and emotional tribute to the victims of COVID-19 and our solidarity with their families and friends, on the third anniversary of the beginning of the complications of the terrible pandemic in our country“, tweeted the club on its official account.

Yes, it’s true that about three years ago a global health crisis started due to the coronavirus unknown at the time, but many considered it in bad taste to compare and assume that the 8M feminist movement caused the complications of covid that ended in quarantines and the “terrible pandemic”. Since, after all, we don’t have an exact date of when it all started.

mass rejection

Why today Rayo Vallecano? The pandemic did not start at 8M (International Women’s Day) 2020, nor was the number of victims relevant in our country then. ohWhat happened was a victimization of the feminist movement which you are now joining!”, points out one user. “It’s embarrassing to come from a team that considers itself progressive and that at the beginning of the pandemic continued to gather thousands of people in your stadium!”

Others pointed out the hypocrisy of said tweet, since March 8, 2020 the Rayo – Elche was played and the state was filled with more than 10,000 fans. “You could have closed the stadium… Or the virus was only at the 8M demonstration?”, points out another user.

At the moment, the club has not commented on the matter.