figure was an action-puzzle adventure about all the latest – released in 2017 in which we explore a surreal world set in a mind threatened by thoughts in the form of nightmarish creatures. Dusty, the ancient voice of courage, and his comrade Piper set out on a journey to restore lost courage. But peace is not eternal and that leads us to Figure 2: Creed Valleya captivating sequel that is somewhat weighed down by its continuity and lack of new ideas.

The Meanders of a Confused Mind

Once again Dusty and his squire Piper must explore the depths of the human mind to defeat the chaos wrought by nightmares that destroyed the moral compass. The problem comes from The Jester, a party creature that disturbs our protagonist’s tranquility, which we will see from time to time in some not very flashy comic sequences. The overall development of Figure 2 It’s quite similar to its predecessor, which isn’t bad at all. Great games are often iterations of gameplay and concepts already known – but without a doubt this surprise factor subtracts from the first one. The story -do you live to work or do you work to live?- also doesn’t convey the same emotion as figurebut luckily the gameplay brings us a fun adventure that stands out in the puzzles.

Our character’s moral compass is a bit off, and it’s taking a toll on his family.

Figure 2 takes us back to an imaginative world with puzzles and combat. Although the initial impression is that we will see the same type of obstacles that we already saw a few years ago, soon we will start new mechanics that will give more variety to the type of gameplaysome, for example, with scene exploration to find evidence of a crime. Hardly any puzzles are overly complex and in the worst case they can be overcome with trial and error, but it will not be normal, in fact there will be those who prefer something more elaborate. This is the eternal debate about the exact point of the challenge: does more difficulty mean more fun? Not necessarily, and Bedtime Digital Games has made it more accessible than figure at the cost of having some memorable puzzles.

Much of the time will be spent with puzzles that ask us to complete tasks in a specific order, such as activating switches that activate elevators or a moving platform. To give it another twist, on many screens we can switch between the two versions of the mind, the open and the closed, which modifies not only the setting, but also the path and points of interaction. A blocked road? Change “world” and check what has changed, surely there you have the answer. Although it’s not very original and anyone with a minimum of experience knows the mechanics in its various versions, it still has a lot to do with exploration puzzles.

Sometimes it will be necessary to act against the nightmares with a simple combat style of hackn slash style Zelda classic or the most modern tunica-, which works without doing anything special and does not go beyond this base; certain enemies are too repetitive and the best we can say about this gameplay is that it remains as something secondary and to encourage a little more development, but seems a little forced and could be done without: there’s nothing wrong with a pure puzzle game! Fortunately, there are bosses every now and then and some are well designed in terms of attack pattern, although again none of them cost us much. This action was already somewhat redundant in figure and we’re surprised the team hasn’t reconsidered its inclusion.

Mention that although it is a single player title, gives the opportunity to enjoy it cooperatively. It’s almost anecdotal in terms of gameplay impact because the player controlling Piper is limited to collaborating, but we like its inclusion: it makes Figure 2 It can be played as a family and that’s always a plus.

The opinions, or characters that inhabit the mind, are as peculiar as the rest of this world.

A careful presentation, with some point that could be improved

The beautiful audiovisual aspect in Figure 2 not far from figure, and even improves. This mind world combines 2D graphics with 3D graphics to give it a unique look. And it’s not just pretty; the game relies heavily on music and sound rhythms, which is why it also stands out in the catchy soundtrack and the songs of the bosses, which narrate their motivations.

We played on Nintendo Switch and we have to mention a visible bug in this version, your unjustifiable poor performance. Most of the game runs below 30 fps, so the gameplay It’s plagued with jerks and lack of fluidity, and it’s a constant thing on virtually empty screens, we’re not talking about specific slowdowns due to the presence of an effect or a large enemy. Obviously it’s not a question of the power of the hybrid console, but of poor optimization and will probably have a solution with patches, but that’s the impression we got with the game already on sale. We recommend other versions or wait for stability patches.


Figure 2 It won’t take long, about five hours, and the feeling is that apart from the setting, little has improved compared to the original. We still have a lot of action zones and there is not that polish that is expected from a sequel. It should be noted, in the specific case of Nintendo Switch, that in the absence of an update that significantly improves performance, this version performs below what can be expected from a technically modest release.

All these downsides don’t make it a bad game, on the contrary it’s pretty cool and fans of the first one will love it – no need to play, in case anyone was wondering – or anyone interested in a light adventure with no more pretensions than having fun in an imaginative world, but It’s a shame that he misses this opportunity to extract the full potential that lies behind it.

We performed this analysis on your Nintendo Switch version with a code provided to us by ICO Partners.