Portugal’s new era began with good feelings. The duels against Liechtenstein and Luxembourg were more dangerous than they appear for the simple fact that Roberto Martínez had a lot to lose and very little to gain. However, these two games served for the Spaniard to show his cards as a Portuguese coach. With a defense of five, he repeated the same five from midfield upwards. Straw is the pivot; Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes and João Félix form the line of three midfielders with the City and Chelsea midfielder with an altered leg; and Cristiano Ronaldo the reference above. In defence, the only two starters have been Rúben Dias and Danilo, but the rivals’ strength means that too many conclusions cannot be drawn in defence.

Not even in attack, but it’s already been seen that it’s a team made for Cristiano to have fun. The 7, backed by three midfielders with more supportive than selfish personalities. And, still, that at the moment he is enjoying the stellar level of Bernardo Silva. The midfielder continues to receive praise from both Guardiola and Roberto Martínez because there are few things he doesn’t do well. With two crosses from the right into the area, he put a game in motion that was a matter of time to unlock (it was little, the first came in the 9th minute). Nuno Mendes gave Cristiano the ball with a header to make it 0-1 and João himself finished the 0-2. For the third, Bernardo Silva switched roles with Palhinha, from whom he received a cross to shoot as if he had learned from Haaland. The goals continued to fall and the next was Bruno Fernandes who found Cristiano with a ball in space, who was left alone in front of the goalkeeper and did not forgive.

Danilo had a goal disallowed for offside and soon after Martins received the yellow card for a very hard tackle on the PSG player. Before, there had already been another foul with excessive intensity. Luxembourg was desperate, but to little avail. Cristiano also despaired when he saw the yellow card for simulating a foul at the entrance to the area and, observing the repetition, the truth is that it seems that he is the one who is planted with the tip of his foot on the ground.

With the game already for the reserves, Otávio scored his goal. youAlso Rafael Leão, after missing a penalty (or rather, that Moris stopped). Rúben Dias was denied by Gonçalo Ramos, accidentally blocking the shot from the edge of the goal. Roberto Martínez can breathe a sigh of relief. The two procedures, resolved.


Florian Bohnert (45′, Marvin Martins), Mathias Olesen (45′, Danel Sinani), Dirk Carlson (45′, Lars Gerson), Ruben Neves (63′, Bernardo Silva), Gonçalo Ramos (64′, Cristiano Ronaldo), Yvandro Borges Sanchez (69′, Vincent Thill), Rafael Leão (74′, Bruno Fernandes), otávio (74′, João Félix), Sébastien Thill (81′, Christopher Martins), Diogo Jota (86′, João Palhinha)


0-1, 8′: Christian0-2, 14′: joao felix0-3, 17′: Bernardo Silva0-4, 30′: Christian0-5, 76′: Otavinho0-6, 87′: Rafael Leão


Referee: Radu Marian Petrescu
VAR Referee: Ovidiu Hategan, Horatiu Fesnic
Vincent Thill (31′, Yellow) of Grace (36′, Yellow) Christian (56′, Yellow) martins (73′, Yellow) Leandro Barreiro Martins (81′, Yellow)