ANDhe real Madrid He is already working on planning the season. To make the list of 25 players, the fact of having more or less players with a national passport is no longer decisive, but it is clear that everything indicates that the number of nationals in the first team may continue to decrease, something that BRAND analyzed. In fact, only one of them seems fixed: Carvajal, and a second almost 99%, Lucas Vázquez. The rest is not clear they follow: mariana The contract ends and he leaves, and the rest remains to be seen: nacho, the only One Club Man of Madridcontract is also ending and studying offers, Vallejo is not included in Ancelotti’s plans and can leave in search of minutes, onionscontract is also ending and Atlético knocks on his door for the second time, Asensio is in the same situation and did not accept the club’s first downward proposal while odriozole He also has no minutes and is also on the exit ramp.

UEFA, for its part, does not impose any requirement on the number of national players registered in the A-list of 25 footballers. However, there are measures to safeguard the country’s seal or at least the footballers trained in their clubs and there is a list of eight players who have to meet certain training requirements in the country’s Federations, the so-called locally trained player.

In this list of eight, there must be a minimum of four players who spent three seasons at the club or 36 months, continuously or not, at the corresponding club between the ages of 15 and 21, which is called club trained. Of the current main cast, seven meet this requirement: Nacho, Carvajal, Lucas, Fede, Vinícius, Rodrygo and Mariano, so it seems that even if there were exits, the quota would be covered, although It also makes sense the importance of having the youngest of this group like Vini, Valverde and Rodrygo in the future to guarantee the four mandatory places formed by the club. with footballers who are truly important to the coach on duty.

Commitment to youth makes more sense

Within this group is the category trained association to complete the group of eight, although in no case can there be more than four: the player must have spent 3 full seasons or 36 months, continuously or not, in teams linked to the federation of the country to which the corresponding club belongs out of 15 and 21 years old. The RFEF in the case of Spanish teams. The problem is that in this group would be Vallejo, Odriozola, Asensio and Ceballos, so if they all left, there would be no first team players now to complete the mandatory roster of eight.

In case you are looking for players that meet these requirements, Sergio Arribas, now at Castilla de RaúlHe is already a club-trained player like Miguel Gutiérrez de Girona, although there is no intention at the moment to throw him away. frank garcia, Now at Rayo, he will return to reinforce the left-back and is also a club formed after three complete seasons in the youth categories within the age quota.

Real Madrid’s commitment to young talent makes more sense since they are players who can enter one of these two groups of eight in the medium or long term.

Free way to Bellingham

As for the places outside the EU, Madrid already has the three places free after obtaining nationalization Militão and Rodrygo and Vinícius had already done this before. Bellingham would occupy one of the vacancies as British players no longer have a European Union passport since Betis. The now player dortmund you must take a decision soon about wearing white or going back to La Premier, with City and Liverpool waiting.