Dead Island 2 Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC April 21. After a long wait, the continuation in the hands of Deep Silver is already coming and closer than ever. We have already been able to test it first hand and we predict that its action is worth it after many development problems. In an interview for wccftech, Adam Olsson, art director of the title, and Lydia Cockerham, narrative designer, revealed, among other details, how many hours this new adventure will last apocalyptic that takes us to a Los Angeles full of zombies and monsters with the sole objective of turning us into mashed meat. It was confirmed that approx. the adventure will last about 20 hours. Taking into account above all what are the main missions.

Dead Island 2 will be quite tight in duration and will only focus on killing zombies

“I do not know exactly. I think we have a guide that if you do some side quests and other activities the full experience is about 20 hours.. That’s what we have,” said Adam Olsson. “With a few side quests, yes, but on top of that, we have collectibles and you can always play again. Dead Island 2 with a new character if you want “. This new installment has an average length, taking into account the video games that are currently prevalent in the industry. 20 hours counting main quests and a few side quests, it’s quite affordable. In addition, the title has this facet of replayability thanks to its cast of characters.

Duration aside, the developers record that Dead Island 2 he’s a zombie slayer through and through :”The focus is 100% on zombies. It’s about killing zombies. Again, we wanted to differentiate ourselves. This doesn’t cover a deep, introspective question of the sort; ‘Oh, the real monster all along was humans!’ No, we don’t fight humans in Dead Island 2. It’s all about focusing on the real monster., which is the zombie. This horrible creature you’ve seen in the movies. But this time, you can destroy them yourself with your hands and weapons”, explained Lydia Cockerham. Dead Island 2 will be available on April 21 for consoles and PC.

As we already talked about our impressions, the title left us quite surprised: “We love its plot premise that takes us to an apocalyptic Los Angeles where we explore rich people’s homes, movie studios and other detailed locations. And we like even more its combat system, very systemic and therefore very creative and satisfying, although this is also influenced by the fact that we find it quite funny how the living dead fall apart in front of our crazy weapons. In short, what These first six hours of Dead Island 2 put an end to all the fears we might have had before a game whose development took so many ups and downsand has us looking forward to returning to Los Diablos on April 21st.”