Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (archive)

  • The ‘Ghost’ actress, very close to the actor despite being divorced for 20 years, lives with him and his wife after being diagnosed with dementia, according to Radar media.

Demi Moore (60 years old) always had a exceptional relationship with Bruce Willis (67), despite having Divorced two decades ago. But how was the actor diagnosed with aphasia and after frontotemporal dementia, the actress has get even closer to the father of her three daughtersabout to decide live with him and his current wife, Emma Heming, to help take care of him “until the last day”according to the media Online Radar.

the actress’ gesture Ghost come and taste United are the two families of Bruce Williswho are in permanent contact and have already joined in March 2022 to announce the departure of the Hollywood star by him cognitive and irreversible deterioration that he suffers.

Bruce Willis with his wife Emma Heming, his ex Demi Moore and their daughters Rumer, Scout and TallullahGetty Images

“Demi has been a rock to the family and is determined to ensure that every day Bruce has left on earth is filled with love.” says the environment of the actress for the said medium. “At first, no one outside the family could understand what Demi was doing living with her ex and his new wife, but now it makes sense.” added the informant.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, inseparable since the pandemic

In the pandemic, two years before the blockbuster actor like the crystal jungle any The sixth Sense was diagnosed with aphasiait’s been a while with Demi Moore and their daughters -Rummer (34 years old), Scout (31) and Tallulah (28)-, in Sun Valley, Idaho. A journey in which they were going to be Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma and their daughters Mabel Rey and Evelyn, aged 10 and 8, although in the end they were unable to due to scheduling issues.

While A rep for Demi Moore told Radar that the actress still hasn’t changed.another source insisted that, in fact, “never left” after the bond they created in the pandemic.

They will be grandparents to their first granddaughter.

Demi Moore will now be even closer to Bruce Willisat a time when the two they will be grandparents to the eldest of their three daughters, Rummer, who will give birth to her first child with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas at the end of the year.

“He is determined to remain coherent and sane as long as possible so that his grandson will have some happy memories of a grandfather who was present and active in his life.”revealed a friend last month.

“Demi has been in constant contact with Bruce and Emma”, revealed a source earlier this year. “She’s taking every opportunity she can to spend time with him.” “They know they won’t be here forever,” shared another source, “so they’re enjoying every moment.”

His wife, Emma Heming, took care of the actor.

Bruce Willis split from Demi Moore in 2000after 13 years of marriage and three daughters in common. The actor nine years later, he married Emma Heming, a 44-year-old British model who left her profession to dedicate herself to her family and is now dedicated to taking care of her husband.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming (2019), when they renewed their vowsGetty Images

although she was aware that her husband’s health could deteriorate before hersdue to your age difference (24 years)the news was very “difficult” for her because “It’s not easy to witness the decline of the person you love”she told People shortly after learning of her husband’s illness, confessing how caring for him was taking a toll on her own sanity.

Emma Heming, who now works as a vegan cosmetics entrepreneur, accompanied the actor visit the “top doctors” until a diagnosis is made of his illness, and now he is the intermediary with the professionals who treat him. In addition, according to People, they hired a personal assistant to be at home making sure your husband gets all the care he needs.

in one of your latest posts on instagram, Bruce Willis’ wife explains that her husband’s “quality of life” is “the most important thing” to her: