It’s strange that with what he likes capcom bring back their great classics, whether in the form of compilations, remasters or remakesI still didn’t remember dinosaur crisisa saga that had up to three more main chapters spin offand whose last first Xbox exclusive title went as far back in time as 20 yearswhich is said shortly.

we would bet that dinosaur crisis will end up coming back sooner or later, but the truth is that this return is being made to beg more than necessary. Why are we so excited for this saga to come back? Here we will explain the reasons.

A resident Evil with dinosaurs

The first dinosaur crisis Launched in 1999 for the first PlayStation and the following year for Dreamcast and PC, trying to take advantage of the last moments of passion for dinosaurs who had woken up the movie Jurassic Park in 1993 and kept its 1997 sequel alive.

After the huge success of resident Evil (1996) and resident of evil 2 (1998), it was a good time to take the formula of survival horror and swap zombies for creatures as charismatic and beloved as dinosaurs. For that, he had a master director, Shinji Mikami, who had directed the first part of resident Evil and who handed the continuation to another genius, Hideki Kamiya, to handle this new saga. He also had two other very talented but still unknown designers, Shu Takumicreator of phoenix wrightIt is Hiroyuki Kobayashiproducer of resident Evil 4 any Dragon’s dogmaamong many others.

Deadly raptors have replaced zombies in this terrifying adventure.

The result? A cool action horror adventurewith its scares, puzzles, exploration, gore, action in the right measure and come on, what was promised, a resident Evil with dinosaurs, although without reaching the excellence of the first two installments of the zombie saga. the difference of resident Evil, dinosaur crisis it was fully polygonal, did not use pre-rendered environments, a technique that the sequel would curiously adopt.

I just wanted to play.

dinosaur crisis It was a commercial success as it sold 2.4 million copiesa figure that today may not look spectacular, but at the time it was very good, without going beyond the first resident Evil sold 2.75 million.

A very interesting game but nowadays practically inaccessible since never been reissuedso the need for Capcom to somehow get it back is imperative, even if it was in the PlayStation Plus classic catalogue.

Regina, the protagonist of the first ‘Dino Crisis’.

A turn in action

dino crisis 2 It was released a year later, in 2000, on the first PlayStation, and in 2002 it would also come to PC. it was time commanded by Shu Takumiin his first game as a director, the saga he sprung into action giving a radical turnsimilarly to how he would some time later resident Evil 4. an action game very funny and franticslaughtering dinosaurs with a varied arsenal, but that had nothing to do with the stimulating approach survival horror of the first installment.

Its risky bet, a complete change of genre and perhaps its release date, almost at the same time as the massive launch of the PlayStation 2, made dino crisis 2 sold half of the first installment, 1.20 million copies. For PS2 in 2002 was released dino stalkerThe spin off belonging to the saga Gun Survivor and of a practically disappeared genre, that of the light gun shooter or railroad shooters with a plastic gun, in this case Namco’s GunCon.

‘Dino Crisis 2’ used pre-rendered settings like the first ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Final Fantasy’ at the time, as opposed to the first installment which was completely polygonal.

The third part that buried the saga

The worst commercial performance of the second installment did not prevent Capcom from continuing to bet on the saga and, in 2003 to arrive dino crisis 3a game first xbox exclusive, and which was panned by critics. Now we were fighting dinosaurs in spaceand beyond that eccentricity, which might have had its grace well executed, it was a mediocre adventure full of bugs like your unfortunate camera, which seriously overloaded the gameplay, among other clumsiness. Like any lazy game, it sure has quarterback, be brave and show your face in the comments.

The worst thing about this game, that anyone can have a setback, is that buried the saga for 20 years. In total, as of 2019, the saga has sold 4.4 million copieswhich didn’t seem enough for Capcom to want to recover it, not even taking advantage of the second wave of dinomania caused by jurassic world (saga that curiously, as dinosaur crisisIt went from bad to worse…).

‘Dino Crisis 3’, a bad game that buried the saga until now.

Although we have not proved a dinosaur crisis since then, the protagonist of the first two installments, reginayes he made some appearances during that time, for example in the JRPG Namco x Capcom (2005), in the mobile game puzzle fighter (2017) or in one of the DLCs from Dead Rising 3 (2013) called Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alphain the form of a costume.

A Regina costume in ‘Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha’.

We also have this more recent rarity, when the card game and strategy teppenfrom GungHo Online and Capcom, incorporated Regina together with Leon S. Kennedy, in an ensemble called Jurassic Rampage.

almost back but no

the fans of dinosaur crisis we were briefly happy and then disappointed on the night of March 9, 2022, when during State of Play it was announced a new game from Capcom with dinosaursand with a character with the same color and haircut as Regina.

Dramatization of the ‘Exoprimal’ ad.

A joy that lasted only a few seconds, because it was nothing new dinosaur crisisbut from exoprimala game of cooperative action in which we fight huge waves of dinosaurs, but this has nothing to do with the saga we are talking about today. Something that its creators had to come out and explain on several occasions, that exoprimal has nothing to do with dinosaur crisiswhich we respect, although the detail of having a Regina-like character in a game with dinosaurs is pretty cruel.

when will he come back dinosaur crisis?

Then, when Capcom will encourage to bring back dinosaur crisis? Well, we don’t know, but he’s taking it easy. It is important not to lose heart, they also forgot about the fantastic for 10 years Ghost Trick: Ghost Detectiveand in June we will have a remaster.

In addition to recovering classic games, or a Amazing redo like the last resident Evilif they were encouraged with a dino crisis 4How would you like it to come back? More like the first installment, type survival horror, or like the second, focused on action. Leave us your opinion in the comments.