When the government rebate on fuel ended, gas station rebates followed at many gas stations. These promotions end on March 31st and Repsol has already given notice of what it will do with the discounts.

As of April 1, 2023, Repsol will replace refueling discounts at its service stations with new promotions that will save your customers money, what does it consist of? And what other gas station discounts also expire on March 31st?

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These are the new Repsol promotions

gas station discounts

Until March 31, Repsol offers a discount of 10 euro cents in each liter of supplies to private customers who pay for their supplies in the Waylet app, having already announced that this discount will be replaced by another new energy program connected focused on customers in its portfolio of energy products: fuel, electricity, heating, solar and electric mobility.

To take advantage of this new promotion, you must use the Waylet app to pay for restocking. The difference is that now the discounts already are not direct, but accumulate in the form of a Waylet balance and vary between 5 cents and 20 euro cents per liter of fuel, and up to 100% of the value when charging electric vehicles at public points and Repsol service stations.

The balance accumulated in the Waylet can be used in future payments at service stations and charging points, on Repsol’s electricity and gas bills, when buying butane bottles, when ordering diesel, gift cards and at any of the more than 4,400 establishments adhering to the Waylet network, as is the case , for example, from IKEA, Decathlon, El Corte Inglés, Amazon.es, etc.

The amount of balance that you get will depends on the plan contract of the four that Repsol offers under the name Energy Plans, which are as follows:

car plan: If you fill up at Repsol service stations or recharge your electric vehicle at any of the company’s public points, you will accumulate 5 euro cents per liter of fuel and 3% of the value of said recharges.

Car and Light Plan: If, in addition to refuelling, you contract an electricity tariff with Repsol, you will accumulate 10 euro cents per liter of fuel and 50% of the value of top-ups carried out at any of its public points.

Car, Electricity and Heating Plan: If, in addition to refueling at the Repsol pumps and having contracted the electricity tariff, you also contract one of the heating methods offered by the company (natural gas, butane, propane and heating oil), you will accumulate 15 euro cents per liter in fuel and 75% of the value of recharges made at Repsol public points.

Flat Car, Lightweight, Heating and Solar: If you add to all this the installation of self-consumption solar panels with Solar360 or the connection to a Solmatch solar community, you will accumulate 20 euro cents per liter of fuel and 100% of the value of the recharges you make with your electric vehicle at public points in the Repsol.

Other expired gas station discounts

Cepsa because you were back

In addition to Repsol, the remaining discounts at petrol stations also expire when filling up at them; and likewise do so on the 31st of March. These are the service stations whose discount ends on March 31, 2023:

  • Cepsa: Until March 31, Cepsa makes a reduction of 10 euro cents for every liter of fuel supplied, and 12 cents euros in the case of Optima fuels. To benefit from these discounts, you must be enrolled in the ‘Por Tú Vuelves’ programme.
  • Shell: Until March 31Shell 5 euro cent discount per liter in Shell FuelSave, AutoGas and other base fuels, and 10 cents euro per liter of Shell V-Power line fuels. To do this, you must be a user of the ‘Mi Energía DISA’ application.
  • SHOVEL: Until March 31, BP allows accumulate 10 euro cents per liter of fuel supplied to all users registered in the ‘Meu BP’ program. Subsequently, the accumulated value can be redeemed as follows: if you fill up with BP Ultimate fuels with Active technology, you can redeem 100% of your transaction value and if you fill up with the remaining BP fuels, you can redeem up to 20%.

Tricks to save fuel

With the end of discounts at gas stations, it is convenient to know some tricks to save fueland also has some of Forms they tell you where it’s cheaper to refuel like the following:

1.- Google Maps: It is one of the most used navigation apps and offers the functionality to show updated fuel prices instantly. It shows the closest service stations to your location, as well as those you will find along the way with fuel prices.

2.- Gasoline and diesel Spain: Allows you to locate gas stations with the best prices on all types of fuel. Initially, it shows you the best prices for 95 gasoline within a 10 km radius around your location, but you can customize everything you need.

3.- Gasall: Provides up-to-date information on fuel prices, indicating the distance and the fastest route to reach the gas station offering them. In addition, it allows you to save your favorite gas stations to always have their price information up to date, and so that you can compare them with other gas stations.