Super Mario Bros: The Movie It became a resounding success in recent days, which exceeded all expectations and predictions. The arrival on the big screen of the popular characters of nintendo, generated a positive reaction from the public, although the reviews were not positive. It also showed that the video game adaptation is a production that attracts all kinds of audiences, which allowed it to conquer the North American and international box office, at least during its premiere.

The film tells the story of how Mario (Chris Pratt) tries to rescue his brother Luigi (Charlie Day) from an underground world, while facing bowser (JackBlack). The tape is full of references to the video game, it is a skillful adaptation. In the same way, he explored the possibilities of a simple story, until he created a miniature epic that appeals to nostalgia, but does not lose the identity of an independent production.

It also opens the door to a possible film franchise, which has as its starting point this recreation and homage to the world imagined by Shigeru Miyamoto. He hints at this through two post-credits scenes.

First post-credits scene: A villain behind bars, but not for long

Bower, the villain of Super Mario Bros.  The film

The evil bowser, is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic figures in the film. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is his final destination, which is made clear in the first post-credits scene of Super Mario Bros: The Movie. In it, the evil creature can be seen singing another of his well-known melodies, which were heard throughout the production. This time the verses are addressed to Mario It is Luigiwhom he directly insults and clarifies, who does not abandon hopes of winning the heart of Peach (Anya Taylor Joy).

However, this time, the songs of the enemy of New York’s heroes are heard from behind bars. The character is still trapped in a cage in the princess’s castle. At the same time, he is still cowering after the latter fed him the blue mushroom as punishment for his attempt to conquer the kingdom. Still, it is likely that bowser don’t stay stuck for too long. Something that the scene subtly hints at the obvious carelessness of the surveillance that surrounds him.

Second post-credits scene: New characters for Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Mario, the protagonist of Super Mario Bros.  The Movie

After the end credits of Super Mario Bros: The Movie, there is another sequence. In it you can see the Brooklyn sewer system and a white egg with green spots. The shell cracks and the word is heard clearly Yoshi. This is the most direct reference to the character who first appears in super mario worldthe video game for the Super Nintendo in 1990.

The iconic dinosaur was created to be the mound of Mario between worlds and accompany him on his different adventures. He is able to swallow turtle shells, shoot fire and cause earthquakes, as well as fly. But its appearance suggests that the arrival of a future adaptation that includes elements of island of yoshi It is the koopalings. Ready for the already imminent sequel? The final image on the tape leaves no doubt that it did.

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