Here you can check the results of all the draws carried out by the State Lotteries and Betting this Monday, March 27, 2023. La Bonoloto and La Primitiva are played.


At Bonoloto, there was only one winner in the first category (6 matches), with a ticket validated in Chapela (Pontevedra), who collected a prize of 627,573 euros.

Winning combination: 12-10-2-25-30-47

Complementary: 4, refund: 4.

the primitive

In this Monday’s La Primitiva draw there were no winners of the highest category (6 matches + refund), nor of the first category (6 matches), so a jackpot of 8,500,000 euros is generated for the next draw.

Winning combination: 2-44-20-49-31-6

Complementary: 23. Reimbursement: 3.

What does Bonoloto consist of?

Bonoloto is one of the most celebrated draws during the week (from Monday to Sunday). To win the raffle prizes, the player must enter a game consisting of scoring in a table from 1 to 49, 6 number combinations to place a bet. It depends on the number of hits, the prize you will win will be one or the other. There are two ways to participate:

  1. Let the system select the numbers to automatic and random.
  2. Make your own selection of these six numbers.

In addition to the six numbers, there is the complementary and refund (this is not chosen, it is random), which serve to increase the amount of perm they can receive. with the first increases the possibility that people guessed numbers and with the second, you can recover the bet.

The draw is held every day at 21:30.. Players will be able participate in it up to half an hour before the celebration, that is, until 21:00 on the same day. If, for example, a Bonoloto is bought on a Monday at 21:10this one would no longer enter the draw that day, but the next.

From the collection obtained with the cost of Bonoloto, a 55% goes to prizes:

  • For those who beat the six numberswill receive a prize of 45% of the total earmarked for this fund.
  • for those who have 5 hits it’s him complementary numberyou will get a 24%.
  • With 5 hitsthe consumer can reach 12%.
  • the one who has 4 hits will receive 19%.

Furthermore, all those who have three correct numbers from the winning combinationthey will receive a prize of 4 euros.

How do you play Primitiva?

Users who wish to try their luck at this game should choose 6 different numbers between 1 and 49. To create the winning combination. Numbers can be chosen by customers or generated automatically and randomly. The price of the bet is €1 and more than one bet can be placed on the same ticket.

This draw is held in Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Users can choose to participate in one of them (the next one to be held) or those that are still missing for that week. In the latter case, they will participate with the same combination in all draws.

In La Primitiva, an extra ball is drawn as a complementary number and another ball from a separate drum, between 0 and 9, which works as a refund number. To win the highest prize (Jackpot) you have to match the 6 numbers plus the cashback. And anyone who wants to have more options to win for €1 more can play Joker, this game can make a user a millionaire with €1 million.

For this option to be valid when placing the La Primitiva bet, you must communicate that you want to play Joker and you will be assigned a 7-digit code (printed on the virtual receipt) with which you will participate in this associated game and you will therefore choose these prizes , in addition to the usual ones from La Primitiva.

In each draw in which this refund has participated, this refund will be checked and, if it is correct, the user will receive the prize corresponding to the daily bet value of that receipt. The minimum number of matches to receive a prize is at least 3 numbers.

Draws take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:40.