This week, the host of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ gave an interview in which she discussed her complex addiction, which led to the withdrawal of her therapist.

For exactly 43 years, Drew Barrymore (48) has been known as one of the most multifaceted from Hollywood. At just seven years old, the Californian starred ET and since then participate more than 50 productions. Between them, forever never,I’ve never been kissed, Donnie Darko, 50 first dates,What happens to men? and the series Santa Clarita Diet. However, three years ago, Barrymore decided change the course of your trajectory and become the host of her own show.

Thus, on September 14, 2020, the actress debuted The Drew Barrymore Show. A space for conversation, where they passed countless celebrities (such as Jessica Alba, Adam Sandler and Lucy Liu) and who won good criticsthank you spontaneity. Despite this, Barrymore herself assumed that the first few episodes were not easy and that she made a mistake. countless mistakes, because he was “forcing himself” to do everything right. The reason? He wanted to show that his life was not in chaos, after going through “turbulent years”.

In 2011, drew barrymore fell in love entirely by Will Kopelman, an art connoisseur, son of a Chanel executive. The couple left for a few months and, in June 2012, the actress walked down the hall for the third time. Later, the Kopelmans they had two daughters -Olivia (10) and Frankie (8)- and Drew decided pause your career give them the necessary care. In fact, the actress agreed to move from Los Angeles to New York so that the girls could be closer to their father. However, efforts were not enough and The marriage ended in divorce in 2016.

According to an interview with the newspaper Los Angeles Timesbarrymore suffered a lot during their separation. Also, in your own words, “divorce broke her up” and he entered a destructive spiral, full of thoughts like “I failed myself” and “I failed my daughters”, for which he began, desperately, to look for the fastest way to appease his torments… And then he started drinking. Again.

The first time Barrymore was in rehab was at age 12. A few months later, he had a period of calm. But she was again admitted to a clinic as a result of a suicide attempt, at age 14. Years later, the interpreter managed to cleanse her body and keep her relationship with alcohol under control. But, in 2016 he went into depression, he resumed old habits and started to do it in an uncontrolled way. So much so that even her therapist abandoned her.

“I had been with my therapist Barry Michels for a decade and one day he said ‘I can’t go on with you’. And it had to do with my alcoholism. So I said ‘I understand. I respect your decision, because you see I’m not getting better. But I hope one day I can win again, your trust”, confessed the star, a few days ago. Still, Barrymore found the support he needed.

“We thought, ‘You have to snap out of this. We completely understand that this sucks for you. But you have to. two healthy daughters, a fantastic career and amazing friends,'” fellow company employee Chris Miller told Los Angeles Times, in an interview in which one of the her best friends: Cameron Diaz, who has been part of his inner circle since he was 14 years old.

“It was really hard to see her like that. But I knew that if we all stayed with her and gave her the support she needed, she would find her way. I have a lot of faith in her. You can’t even comprehend what she went through as a kid and still managed to findthe ability to save and reach the other extreme”, said the actress, with whom she shared credits in Charlie’s Angels.

According to the report, Barrymore he didn’t give up alcohol right away. Making the decision took some time. But when the opportunity arose to have her own show, the celebrity opted to get started. a new path to sobriety. “I think the opportunity to do my own show really hit me. I thought ‘I can’t do this unless it’s in a clean place,'” he said.

She realized she needed counseling and contacted her therapist again, who helped her through the process. And not only that, but it also helped her realize that she was capable of completely changing her life. “I’m not stagnant anymore,” she said.

So Drew found the serenity he had been looking for for decades and, in 2021, publicly stated that he had not drunk in two years. “I don’t drink anymore, because I realized that it wasn’t useful for me or for my life. Now I practice a lifestyle that puts me on the right path and that, finally, has helped me to find peace where there were demons before”, explained in the program this morning

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