American McGee’s announced that the Alice: Asylum project is coming to an end, and Electronic Arts will not give up or sell the IP either.

These are difficult times for those who expected the long-awaited sequel from Alice: Madness Returns, but especially to the creator of the franchise, American McGee’s. Electronic Arts was refused to finance the project Alice: Asylum and also won’t sell the series because it’s “an important part of EA’s overall game catalog”.

As reported by The Gamer, American McGee’s was so involved with the third Alice game that they even posted a 414-page doc on Patreon with loads of details about this project. Therefore, everything indicates that the alice saga will fall under EA’s umbrella for some time until the company decides otherwise.

Alice: Asylum concept art

The American McGee pointed at your twitter account the following: “Alice: Asylum came to an end. After several weeks of review, EA is back with a response regarding the funding and/or licensing of Alice: Asylum. Alice had a good run, but the dream is over“, points out the creative, whose tweet accompanies it with a message on his Patreon.

“Regarding funding, they finally decided reject project based on internal review of intellectual property, market conditions and details of the production proposal. Right now, we have exhausted all options to create a new Alice game. We will no longer present options for funding Alice: Asylum through this or any other platform,” says McGee, who has also recognized Patreon-funded artists and designers.

Concept art from Alice: Asylum.

I came to an end with Alice and game production in general.. I have no more ideas or energy left to release a new Alice game. I also have no interest in looking for new ideas in the current context of game development. I have no control over Alice’s IP and no ability to create a new game. This control and this ability fully rest in EA“, declares the creative, totally broken.

If anyone can convince EA to make AsylumI would like to make it clear that, from this moment on, I have no desire to get involved in this or any other Alice-related development. My participation has come to an end. From now on, I’m going to focus on my family and the family business at Mysterious”, concludes McGee, not before thanking the support of the fans who have supported him financially on Patreon.

Concept art from Alice: Asylum.

Alice: Asylum, a delivery that promised

The IP belongs to EA and nothing can be done until the company decides otherwise. american mcgee he wanted to convince them based on concepts, screenplay and an enviable previous work. hence the document over 400 pages with everything related to Alice: Asylum. Also, the concept art you are looking at is proof of the talent behind it, and we recommend that you take a look at the professionally created images because they have a lot of personality and are sure to blow you away.

It is likely that EA relied in part on the fact that American McGee’s development studio, Spicy Horse, has not released a video game since 2013 and has had some projects canceled, as our colleagues at 3DJuegos PC say. One of the possible solutions could be that EA decides to release and develop the game under the brand of EA originalswhich has promoted indies like Lost in Random, Unravel or It Takes Two, the GOTY of 2021. However, and unfortunately for fans, EA’s decision seems to be resounding, but the future is not written and you never know what may to happen .

Concept art from Alice: Asylum.

Main image: Alice Asylum official concept art on Instagram by Joeyzeng_1999

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