El Corte Inglés reached an agreement with the unions to transfer 1,470 employees from the central and regional service areas to the stores, and an incentive redundancy plan for 630 people over 59 years of age. The reorganization plan, announced at the end of February, ends up affecting 224 fewer employees than those initially proposed by the distribution group, which justifies the changes in the sense of “strengthening the stores to face the good evolution of sales”.

After several weeks of negotiations, the company chaired by Marta Álvarez and the intercentrist commission, where the Valorian union is in the majority, announced the agreement on Monday night. “The modernization and evolution of processes and systems experienced in recent times has led to an optimization of management models, which, in the case of our company, translates into the need to reorganize central services to strengthen the business of establishments”, he says. the company in a statement. declaration.

Within the scope of the incentive leave plan for workers over 59 years of age, the unions agreed that those affected receive between 65% and 61% of gross salary (excluding bonuses, remuneration in kind and variable) between 59 and 63 years of age, on leave up to to the early retirement age of each worker, i.e. two years before the normal retirement age (maximum up to 64 years). In total, 630 employees from all areas of the company will be affected, which currently has more than 80 thousand employees distributed in 1,542 points of sale in the Peninsula and 453 abroad.

As mentioned by the inter-centre commission in a statement, an aggravation was also established in case of resorting to the termination of the contract above the legal maximum, both in days of indemnity and in maximum months. The deadline for joining the plan with regard to incentivized terminations establishes a limit of 21 days from the moment the company notifies you.

With regard to transfers to stores, the unions have obtained guarantees so that the plan does not affect vulnerable groups, that 50% of the personal subsidy is maintained up to a maximum limit of 3,000 euros, as well as the daytime subsidy, and that in order to give a warning two months prior to incorporation for employees with children under 12 years of age.

The intercenter commission highlights in its communiqué that, after the negotiation, the number of people affected was reduced by 224 and “the increase of 40 people in the adhesion to the incentive leave plan, which has improved significantly”. “This agreement represents a total of 1,470 people effectively affected by the reorganization plan, 854 less than the initial one”, according to his calculations. The deadline for carrying out this process is February 28, 2025.

According to El Corte Inglés, “the agreement is based on two premises: maintenance of the employment relationship and special treatment of voluntary termination for people with more seniority (over 59 years as of June 30, 2023), most of whom have a long relationship with the company. In this context, the incentive redundancy plan is included, “to which those people who meet the requirements agreed with the legal representation of workers can join voluntarily and under more favorable conditions”.

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