The American McGee stated that his efforts to try to develop a third part of the Alice saga “are over”.

In a statement posted on McGee’s Patreon, the developer claims to have “exhausted all options to make a new Alice game”. The problem would be that Electronic Arts, current owner of the IP, would have decided to reject the project.

McGee was sharing his ideas and proposals for the third installment of Alice on his Patreon, from the teaser below to a full design bible. After the publication of these documents, the author would have launched a new proposal to Electronic Arts. “I presented them with the design bible and a production plan, created in collaboration with Virtuos Games, outlining the new title’s schedule, budget, crew and design.”

“After reviewing it for several weeks, Electronic Arts gave us an answer regarding funding and licensing for Alice: Asylum. Regarding funding, they decided to reject the project based on an internal review of the IP, market conditions and details of the proposed production.”

In addition to not accepting the project, Electronic Arts seems to have insisted that it does not plan to part with the license anytime soon.

“Regarding the license, they told us that Alice is an important part of Electronic Arts’ games catalog, and selling or licensing her is not something they are prepared to do right now,” adds McGee. “At this point, we’ve exhausted every option we had to make a new Alice game. With these responses from Electronic Arts, there’s no way we can take the project any further.”

“Lastly, I want to say a bittersweet thank you to the people who have supported our Patreon. I know this is not the ending we wanted. And I feel mixed emotions that make me sick just thinking about the amount of money, hopes, ideas and love that you’ve invested in this endeavor over the years. We knew when we started this adventure that failure was a possibility. But we wanted to believe in impossible things and we had a lot of fun doing it until the moment reality set in . our Wonderland.”

American McGee was the director of the game published by Electronic Arts in 2000, American McGee’s Alice. Over time, it gained cult status. Its 2011 sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, was relatively successful with audiences.