A mysterious sea creature what “looks like an alien” it was found by a woman while walking on the beach. The discovery caused not only amazement among locals, but bewilderment among scientists.

Marilyn Inglis, 72 years oldfound the sea animal while walking a few months ago on a beach in Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK.

He has since noticed its striking resemblance to another creature photographed along the Dorset coast last December.

The creature found on the beach has a translucent head – similar to that of a jellyfish – and a pointed tail.

Both animals have translucent head -similar to that of a jellyfish- and at least two fins of different sizes with a long tail.

Each of the bodies is colored dark greywhile the one found in Sussex appears to have spines running from head to spine.

Discovery of creature that looks like an alien

“You don’t see a lot of things like that, we just stared at it for a while. It looked like an alien,” confided Marilyn. The mirror.

“I showed the photos to a lot of people, but no one seemed to know what it could be”he added.

“Even though it had been eaten a bit, it was still quite large, over two feet long. It didn’t look bony, but he was quite muscular and didn’t look like he had a crocodile tail“Described the woman.

“It looks weird,” said the woman who found the rare sea creature on the beach.

He also reflected that it was difficult to tell how long he had been dead and whether he was swollen after being in the water so long.

“When I showed people they were fishing, nobody seemed to have any idea what it was. But they haven’t seen him in real lifewhat was scarier than just looking at the picture.”

Marilyn, originally from London, was visiting her friend when she made the shocking discovery last year that came to the fore again for others like it.

He added to his account: “If it was April Fools I would have thought someone created it to scare us, but it looked very real. If we weren’t so nervous we could have snatched it off the beach somehow, but it never came to fruition. know,” he warned cautiously at the time.

Science intrigued by sea creature

Pending an investigation to see what creature it was, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was also baffled by the creature, ensuring she couldn’t identify it.

But researchers from the Marine Conservation Society ventured that it could be a species of stingray fish.

A mysterious sea creature washed up dead last year on a beach in Dorset, UK. reddit screenshot

After viewing footage of the creature, a spokesperson said: “Our experts believe it is a prickly raythat was caught and its wings were removed”, published the British media.

Social media users have also suggested that the creature found in Dorset could be a “wingless” stingray.

Appearance of a mysterious “dinosaur claw”

The fact comes up again after a mysterious “dinosaur claw” would confuse experts after appearing on the front lawn of a woman’s home in Wales.

laura moorcroft she said she “instantly thought it was a dinosaur” when she and her husband discovered the remains.

By sharing her photo online, Laura made locals believe her hunch.

some said it was of a birdbut others suspected something reptilian like an alligator, a crocodile or a turtle.

He finds in his garden what he thinks is a “dinosaur claw”.

Seeking a more informed opinion, Moorcroft turned to Chester Zoo and a nearby veterinarian.

Apparently they both agreed it came from a bird, but even they couldn’t agree on the species.

worms on the beach

Earlier this month, a dog walker was shocked to discover a gummy pile of strange worm-like creatures on an Anglesey beach.

After the unusual discovery, Katie Tootell said north wales live: “Found it while walking my dogs in Traeth Lligwy on Monday morning.”

“The dogs saw it first and when they started to smell it, I thought they had just found it. a jellyfish, but when I saw it up close, I had no idea what it was.

“I’ve been coming to the beach for 12 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he commented, still in awe.

A slimy pile of strange worm-like creatures on an Anglesey beach.

Although not seen every day in the area, the small white dots inside the capsules are believed to actually be squid eggs.

Squid eggs are usually anchored to the sea floor and must have broken free to reach the beach, experts say.