VALENCE. Ford is presenting the new 100% electric Explorer in Valencia, a model whose first units should arrive at Spanish dealerships in December, as indicated by the president and CEO of Ford Iberia, Jesús Alonso.

The Explorer is the first in a series of new cutting-edge electric vehicles from Ford and sets the stage for a complete reinvention of the Ford brand in Europe. With seating for five in two rows, this mid-size crossover is fully equipped to take families on the roads of adventure.

Designed and built in Germany, the 100% electric Explorer delivers an exceptional digital experience, helping drivers and passengers stay connected and comfortable on the go. Its features include a large SYNC Move 2 mobile touchscreen and a fully connected, interior-adapted audio infotainment system with wireless app integration and advanced driver assistance technologies.

An adventure-ready design and storage capacity of around 470 liters with all seats open make Ford’s new electric vehicle the ideal choice for exploring the city and beyond. The 17-liter console located between the driver and passenger seats can accommodate a 15-inch laptop. All this, plus a private compartment and hands-free access to the trunk, makes Ford’s all-electric Explorer set new standards.

Its futuristic exterior styling is paired with an ultra-modern interior that includes premium materials and exclusive details, such as slim sport seats and a sophisticated soundbar, more typical of revolutionary concept cars than family vehicles. All this is complemented with fast charging capacity from 10% to 80% in just 25 minutes 1 and access to 500,000 charging points across Europe within the next year.

“Explorer is the forerunner of Ford’s next generation of exciting electric vehicles. Steeped in our American roots and built in Cologne for our European customers, it’s ready for great adventures and fully equipped with everything our drivers need to get around. newspapers ” said Martin Sander, European general manager of Ford Model e.

Sleek, smart and road trip ready

Leading Ford’s electric vehicle offensive, the all-electric Explorer is the company’s first electric vehicle built to scale at Ford’s new EV Center in Cologne, Germany. Ford of Europe has committed to offering a range of all-electric passenger cars by 2030.

Its streamlined exterior captures the spirit and style of Ford’s iconic American SUV for a new electric age, further defined by the bold “shield” design rather than a traditional grille.

The Explorer’s SYNC Move 2 infotainment system not only keeps occupants connected, it also features a 15-inch movable touchscreen that slides smoothly up and down to fit the driver, while tucking away a storage space. Comes standard with compartment for two large smartphones with wireless charger 4; SYNC Move offers wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 5

Charging can be quick and easy whether you’re on the go or at home. Explorer can help you find the most convenient stops on the highway. Home charging can be programmed to use off-peak electricity, as well as enjoy a fully charged battery and heated cabin before departing in the early hours of the morning.

Available with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, the Explorer also offers a host of features designed to ensure that driver and passengers alike feel refreshed and relaxed on departure and arrival at their destination.

To enhance comfort, standard equipment includes heated front seats and steering wheel, massaged driver’s seat and climate control, allowing the driver and front passenger to select the temperature separately. Even getting into the crossover is easy thanks to standard keyless entry and the hands-free tailgate, which allows owners to access the trunk even with arms full of sporting gear with a simple flick of their foot under the rear bumper. .

Advanced driver assistance systems include, for the first time on a Ford in Europe, Lane Change Assist 3 for smooth, safe lane changes with the flick of a turn signal lever, and Clear Exit Assist 3, which oncoming cyclists before opening the doors in crowded places. city ​​centres.

real life adventure

To showcase the Explorer’s capabilities, Ford teamed up with adventure travel influencer Lexie Alford – known to millions as Lexie Limitless for being the youngest person to visit every country in the world to embark on a global expedition aboard the new All-electric explorer. Inspired by Aloha Wanderwell, a pioneering explorer who, sponsored by Ford, set a record 100 years ago by circumnavigating the globe in a Model T, Lexie will lead a new expedition around the world starting later this year.

Starting today, customers can also take virtual Explorer trials electric through a series of intrepid driving environments from your computer or mobile device.

Available in two high-spec versions – Explorer and Explorer Premium – the all-electric new Explorer will be available to order from later this year, with an expected price of less than €45,000. 6 Reservations can now be made on all official Ford websites in Europe.