Tim Sweeney’s store has announced that self-publishing your own games is now available to any user.

It is true that both Steam and Epic Games took different paths in some of their strategies. the second is more permissive in blockchain games, while Valve’s platform does not include them. O Developers earn more on Epic Games than they do on Steam for every game sold, but the popularity of the latter continues to grow in player numbers. Today we’ve put together some pretty interesting statements as well as the Epic Store’s strategy to follow regarding exclusives.

As PC Gamer learned, Tim Sweeney talked about Valve at the last investor meeting. Epic’s CEO has been very bluntly about the free multiplayer APISteamworks: “Steam created a real problem for the industry“, in reference to the fact that this tool does not work on any store except Steam itself.

“Have a classic blocking strategy where they create services that only work with their store, and they use the fact that they have the majority market share to encourage everyone to distribute games that don’t work on other stores. And that happened to us very soon with several multiplayer games that hit the Epic Games Store”, says the CEO of Epic.

Steamworks was not working in our storeso they either had a reduced multiplayer feature set or none at all, or were simply limited to a much smaller audience in the Epic Games Store launch days, so there were a lot of multiplayer games that actually felt broken. And remember that Call of Duty suffered a disaster when launching in the Microsoft Store a while ago where you could only match other players from the Microsoft Store, and that’s not how PC was supposed to work,” says Sweeney.

Epic Games strategy with exclusives gains momentum

Who also expanded the information was the general director of the Epic Games Store, Steve Allison, who made it clear that they have a review process for games based on “quality and functionalityIn addition, he also informed that he will continue with his strategy of launching exclusives in his store. The closest titles are Tchia and Crime Boss: Rockay City, although in the coming months they will receive Alan Wake 2.

Here’s why they indicated they want bigger exclusives: “We’re refining our strategy based on what we’ve seen worked really well in previous releases and what didn’t. handful of great exclusives really moved people… and the minor gamesespecially those that had a smaller audience than they normally would on Steam, we realized that many of these players were not willing to bustreveals Sweeney.

The general director of the Epic Store gives an example of success: “Borderlands 3 far exceeded the expectations of developers and publishers”, says Allison, whose statements were collected from PC Gamer. Likewise, they also highlight their game publishing strategy, which consists of financing the development of several titles such as Alan Wake 2, a new game from the creators of Limbo and other work that will come from the authors of The Last Guardian. For now, these games will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store during “a long time”.

Allison also says that there were editors who preferred release titles exclusively on Epic Games before bringing them to Steam for enjoy most of the revenue for every game sold. The most popular example is Red Dead Redemption 2, which arrived on the Epic Store and later landed on the Valve platform where it continues to attract thousands of players simultaneously.

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