Deputy Secretary General and ERC Spokesperson, marta vilaltapraised the referee as “a reference in ethics and integrity of sports institutions” Xavier Estrada Fernandezwho is preparing to occupy the fifth place in the list of republicans of Lleida in the next municipal elections.

With 12 years of experience in First Division football, refereeing 4 games in the Champions League and 15 in the Europa League, Fernandez Road He is currently a VAR referee in the Football League and, according to the newspaper Segre, is preparing to occupy fifth place in the list of republicans Miquel Pueyo in the upcoming municipal elections in May in Lleida.

Recently, the Catalan collegiate filed an individual action against Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira and his son, for possibly committing a crime of corruption or sports fraud, as they consider that the fact that they receive large amounts of money from FC Barcelona jeopardizes “the transparency of professional football, the good name of the referees and the integrity that must guide behavior of the arbitration group”.

At a press conference in barcelonathe ERC spokesperson confirmed this Monday that there is a merger proposal Fernandez Road to the republican list in Lleida, but it is not final yet, as it will have to be debated and voted on by the local assembly.

vilalta wanted to point out in any case that, in addition to his distinguished career as a referee, Fernandez Road “It is a reference in the sports field of Lleida, especially linked to base training and the families of the city.”

He has said that he is also “a reference in matters of ethics, integrity and defense of the values ​​of sporting institutions”, with a performance “always linked to the defense of these institutions, so that justice is done”, something that “is very much linked with the republican values” that CKD seeks to represent.

Regarding his complaint about the ‘Negueira case’, he made it clear that it is a “personal decision” of Fernandez Roadconsidering that it was “the most ethical and upright posture”.

“This reaffirms its commitment to cleanliness and justice in the field of sport. It is a personal decision that we do not want to make. For us, it demonstrates this way of being and working for ethics and integrity in all institutions, including sports,” he said. .

Fernandez Road He is 47 years old and started refereeing in the highest category in 2009 and four years later achieved international status.

Although he retired two years ago, upon reaching regulation age he continued his refereeing career as a VAR referee, albeit not the head referee; he would now present himself as the fifth on the ERC list for the mayoralty of Lleida in the May 28 elections, waiting for the republicans to certify the composition of their list.

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