It is a tribute to the filmmaker who died recently at the age of 91, who played the first role in playing a giant bass drum in 2008.

Actress, photographer and film director Eulalia Ramon (Barcelona, ​​1959), widow of filmmaker Carlos Saurawill be the guest of honor at Romper la Hora in Calanda this Good Friday.

That is to say, at a signal from the mayor, when midday strikes, she will be in charge of giving the first ring to a gigantic bass drum placed in the square of Spain.

From that moment they begin the rolls of thousands of bass drums and drums that won’t stop playing until the next day.

It is a honor that people from the world of cinema have already received, among them Carlos Saura himself, recently deceased at the age of 91, who had already broken the hour in 2008.

Carlos Saura broke the hour in 2008. BROTHERHOOD OF JESUS ​​NAZARENO OF CALANDA

The filmmaker visited the birthplace of Luis Buñuel, where he filmed some scenes of his movie mint frappe.

This year the Municipality of Calanda invited Eulalia Ramón for her relationship with the world of cinema and as a special tribute to Carlos Saura.

According to the mayor, Alberto Herrero, being able to count on Eulália It will be “a pride and a joy. the whole city can say goodbye to the filmmaker through his figure, then Rompida will be, if possible, even more exciting”.

Herrero added that “Carlos Saura had a great link with Calanda. One of their children, Antonio, will also be coming with Eulália, so you can feel the pride that this means for them too. It will be a very exciting day. and in which Carlos, wherever he is, will also be a part”.

a mutual honor

In turn, in statements to the newspaper the municipalityEulalia Ramón said about being in charge of Romper la Hora: “It will be an honor to be able to do it and above all to be able to dedicate it to Carlos. I’m very thrilled.”

Calanda drums sounded in the director’s burning chapel Aragonês, installed at the Madrid Film Academy, where ten drummers redoubled in his honor.

The filmmaker’s widow recalled, in the said statements, that “the fact of living her farewell to the sound of drums from Calanda was impressive for all of us. One of them approached me and said: ‘The chopsticks with which we played the last roll for Carlos are for you’. It was a gesture that reached the bottom of my heart and, almost unconsciously, I decided to leave them on top of the coffin”.

Eulália and Carlos met in 1993 during the filming of the film Shoot!they got married in 2006 and their daughter Anna was born from the relationship.


Eulalia Ramon debuted as an actress in 1983, with the movie Last afternoons with Teresa by Gonzalo Herralde. Since then, in his long career, he has worked with directors such as Vicente Aranda in straw hair fanny; Manuel Iborra in Cain; Fernando Fernan-Gomez in The sea and the weatherSpecial Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival, and out of gameany antonio del real in The river that takes us. also with Amount of Armendarizin Alou’s lettersGolden Shell at the San Sebastian Festival, or with Marc Recha in empty hands It is little indi, both selected at various festivals such as Cannes or Lorcano. He also worked with Immanol Uribe in the stunned kingwith miró pillar in the bird of happinessand with Carlos Saura in Shoot!, Pajarico, Goya in Bordeaux It is the seventh day. She is currently on board several projects, among which stand out his directorial debut of the cinema with the short film divine beads, written by Maria Zaragoza. As photographercollaborated with the artist Xavier Mascaro, with the painter pepa poch and in the selection of works for the collection Fotosaurus by Carlos Saura. His work has been exhibited in various centers and galleries, such as the Centro Andaluz de Fotografia in Almeria, the Antonio Gala Foundation in Córdoba, the Casa del Cine in Saint Petersburg, the Instituto Cervantes in Moscow, the Casa Zavala in Cuenca, Spain Agora London or the Spanish embassy in Abu-Dhabi.

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