ANDhe way he Betis started seven years ago with the aim of becoming a winning club and holder in the main European competitions, this evening has an appointment with history: one of the matches dreamed of by all football fans, on one of the great stages of old continentthe mythical Old Traffordbefore the almighty Manchester United. a visit to dream Theater that, whatever happens, will already be part of the verdiblanca legend.

More than 3,000 Betics arrived in England with all kinds of aerial combinations, some of them unlikely, they will follow the team they lead live Manuel Pellegrini in this first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League. A round that has historically been the club’s glass ceiling in this competition, but which the Verdiblancos dream of surpassing by pulling talent and competitive character, after playing it a year ago in Germany before him Frankfurt Eintracht.

Pellegrini will run

For the Engineeryour return to Manchestercity ​​where he spent some of the most successful years of his professional career, conquering a Premier League with him City, is a special stimulus. One of those matches marked on the calendar in which he will try to leave his mark on the islands again, like when he won the Old Trafford with the citizens en route to the league title. And although for this game it cannot count on its great star, the French Nabil Fékiryour wrist won’t tremble when applying his famous rotations, with several changes from the team that tied last Sunday against real Madrid.

Juanmithat gave rest over the weekend, points to an eleven in which the presence of pezzella, louis philippe, guido rodriguez It is Guilherme Carvalho. There are more questions with channelsthat comes from injury, and with the one chosen for the attack, with ayozeexperimented against rivals premieropting for the position that seemed to correspond with certainty to the Panda. Who seems to be at the start is the captain, Joachimwho accompanied his coach yesterday at the official press conference of the match, something that is usually synonymous with starting the game.

The Betis team poses at Old Trafford

Joaquín, centenary in Europe

For people from Porto, this visit to Old Trafford It is very special. During his endless professional career, he had the opportunity to play in Stamford Bridgecompared to chelseaor in anfieldbefore him Liverpool. With this visit to dream Theater The English circle closes on the day it celebrates its centenary of games in European competitions (it has 38 in champions and 61 in uefa). A round figure for an eternal football player that no one else dares to put an expiration date on.

“I didn’t know the data, it’s a great luxury to be able to play my 100th game in Europe in a stadium like Old Trafford”, acknowledged yesterday to BRAND. “Facing the Manchester United This is what people dream of since childhood. We face it with enormous enthusiasm, trying to compete as much as possible. We have to bring our best version”, he said. “At this point in my career, at 41 years old, playing this type of game is a privilege, a dream and a source of pride”, concluded the captain.

At the front will be Red Demons most dangerous, injured after a historic beating in Liverpool, and with an almost endless list of talents: Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Antony, Sancho, Fred, Lisando, Varane, De Gea… or Casemiro, who is in doubt due to discomfort. Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive elimination rounds of this round of 16 of the second continental tournament that the Verdiblancos hope to make an indelible memory for generations of Béticos, in The day Betis beat United at Old Trafford.