O fighting games You’re in luck this 2023. Two of the great titans of the genre return this year with their respective very promising installments. Street Fighter 6 will arrive in June with a very attractive proposal, judging by the material shown in the previous trailers. AND Tekken 8 could not be missing from the ringeven if he crossing Street Fighter X Tekken never came to fruition. since your first provocation in september 2022 we enthusiastically received the trailers of the different characters, who return with a very mature design and a gameplay that Katsuhiro Harada himself, executive director and producer of the saga, described as “more aggressive”. However, Tekken 8 has no announced date, although we expect it to be at the end of this 2023 or, more realistically, in 2024, which would coincide with the 30th anniversary of the saga. The King of Iron Fist tournament will be held for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, and today at FreeGameTips we share everything we know about Tekken 8.

A more aggressive Tekken

The Mishima family and their diabolical drama are the backbone of a saga that has been with us since 1994. Tekken 7 was released in 2015 and although the title has remained very much alive over the years, needed a new delivery, especially for the new generation of consoles. At the moment, we know some of the characters that will sign in the cast. Jin and Kazuya Hazama are two of the essential protagonists whose announcements we’ve seen recently. Jin displays his powers during combat and a very mature mindset in which he recognizes that strength is not everything, which shows an evolution from the younger and more ambitious Jin. Kazuya, on the other hand, shows his demonic transformation during combat, which makes us guess a greater spectacularity in the gameplaythat will remain true to 3D.

At FreeGameTips, we recently interviewed Harada, who told us that Tekken 8 is committed to a perspective visually more aggressive and epic: “I’m not just referring to the fact that the combats are more intense, but also how this transfers beyond the mechanics: with 3D effects and destructible elements within the scenario; Everything was thought out in a cohesive way so that the battles achieve this feeling”.

tekken 8 nina williams


tekken 8 nina williams

A roster of beloved characters and new mechanics

In the same way, we saw the videos of other veteran and beloved characters of the saga. nina williams, with an aesthetic residence and firearms in its moveset; Paul Phoenix, whose aged and decayed appearance belies his imposing strength. Harada also confirmed other characters such as King, Lars Alexandersson, Marshall Law, Jack-8 and Jun Kazama. About Jin’s mother, the director guarantees on FreeGameTips that she will be a very important character in this chapter and, despite not being very popular in Japan, she has many fans in Europe and the United States: “so we thought that when People who finally seeing her in the trailer will be delighted with her return.”

At the Tekken World Tour 2022 Global Finals, held last February, Nina Williams and some of the mechanics of Tekken 8 were presented, which will bring news and changes in relation to aggression as leitmotif of gameplay.


He Heating system will be the main novelty of Tekken 8, which will allow players to strengthen their characters for a short period of time. Each fighter will have their own unique upgrades, increasing their complexity and individuality. Thus, Law will be able to deal more damage with his nunchakus, while King will be able to switch his dash to a Power Crush. While we are in Heat, we can access special actions like Heat Dash, which replaces Rage Drive; and the heat trace.

However, it will continue art of ragewhich will deal more damage based on the character’s lack of health and, just like in Tekken 7, can turn the tide of an uneven fight, so the player with the advantage should not let his guard down in the last bars of the fight. battle.

Additionally, Tekken 8 will incorporate a recovery bar, similar to what we saw in Tekken Tag Tournament. In this way, we can recover health if we attack the opponent aggressively. Kohei Ikeda “Nakatsu”, director of Tekken, explained more details during the event: “We made it so that the player regains strength with an attack, or with the opponent protecting himself from an attack. That is, it is as if adrenaline was released to recover the body from the damage suffered.

Tekken 8


Next generation pioneer

Tekken 8 will be released exclusively on PC and next generation. Harada was very clear in the interview for FreeGameTips, where he reflected on how Tekken has been one of the most avant-garde titles of the technologies in which it appeared: “Anyone who knows the saga knows that it was The reference of the technology in which it came out, and we want to get back to that with the new platforms, to do something different”. On the other hand, the designer knows that giving up the old generation It’s risky: “When we started the process, we thought about leaving for the PS4, but from the perspective that the technical elements we wanted to achieve, making two versions in which one of us reduced the elements to get that version off the ground, it was an investment of enormous resources beyond the technical, and we preferred to be faithful to the idea that we wanted to materialize with the new generation”.

As for the PC, Harada considers it a vital platform, which he previously considered focused on strategy and FPS, but thanks to Tekken 7 he has managed to appreciate its possibilities. With this, the producer aims to design games that work well with low specs, so that the studio can “reach more players, different from the usual ones, in addition to being able to enter markets where PC games are predominant compared to consoles”. Naturally, he remembers the importance of PlayStation in the rise of the brand and consoles in general, but now he shares that the PC is very important to them.

Tekken 8 Kazuya


For now, it was not confirmed cross game none rollback network code for Tekken 8, though Harada added: “We’re always focused on constantly improving on everything we’ve done before. From what I can tell, we ask that you look forward to seeing how we evolve the saga in this and other ways.”

Tekken 8 still has a lot to say, especially about the characters we want to see in action and we’re looking forward to the trailers, as well as more details on their modes, gameplay It is online. Bandai Namco has promised an upcoming closed alpha that will be tested offline and whose details you have shared on your website. In the meantime, we await new trailers for much-anticipated and beloved characters. And who knows if after the closed alpha players will be able to take a first bite of the game.