A game important for both teams, where Tau Castelló wants to continue dreaming of the playoffs, while Movistar Estudiantes consolidates in third place against the crosses of the playoffs. In addition, the collegiate team had not lion demetrius for this match, since it was the discard on this occasion.

Alberto Lorenzo took charge of his second consecutive match and left with a very balanced quintet between defense and attack, formed by: toms leimanis as conductor, accompanied by mark hughes in the “2” position, the wings for Adams Sola and Sean Smithand painting for danish Kevin Larsen. A great start in 1st trimesterthanks to annotation in Kevin Larsen in painting, generating continuous advantages; efficiency of the line 6.75 in Hughes; and the defending single of Sean Smithstudents got the first partial in 0-8.

The minutes of the first quarter continued to pass, and the score continued to rise, Leimanis, Atencia or Jawara also if added The partyto close with the first big lead on the scoreboard +17 points. (15-32)

no longer 2nd trimester, Movistar Students began to take advantage of that slight punctual advantage against a Tau Castelló that began to increase the defensive intensity, making the schoolboys’ baskets no longer as simple as before. With the most involved locations in the game, Alberto Lourenço I take advantage of a timeout to cut the dynamics and let the Latvian come in leimanisso the score continued to be dominated by the Madrid team.

finally, the advantage he finished disappearancebut Movistar Students went to rest for about at the 3 point marker above, to put a 40-43 in the light to the detriment of the second part.

Behind behind the locker roomsAlberto Lorenzo has regained confidence in same quintet with which you opened the game. it’s common mark hughes in sniper mode, to go back to another partial 0-8, but this time Tau Castello if he knows to react punctually and minimize the varsity score.

The minutes of the third half were consumed with equality on the scoreboard, thanks to the great success of the outside line of the local team, with Beco Ezekiel Soumbey as the main protagonist, and putting the Valencian Community team ahead at the end of the third period, and for first time up on the scoreboard.

Is at the last quarter, and all to decide; the team of Juan Antonio Orenga for the first time with an advantage on the scoreboard, and Movistar Students wear your work overalls so you can take the game. A room that has become a continuous exchange of baskets and with multiple alternate markeruntil passing the equator and missing 4 minutes towards the end, the schoolmates chained together two victorious defenses that later turned into baskets, to put a advantage in +6 points.

Nerves on edge in a breathtaking final game where neither team wanted to give up this battle, but finally the last blow was struck by Tau Castelló with a triple at the bell of the Oscar Alvarado leave victory in Castellón to 87 to 86.

Now it’s time to get up and think about the next game against Grupo Alega Cantabria CB he next sunday 16 at 12:30 pm at the WiZink Center after the Fan Race.