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Robert Lewandowski was FC Barcelona’s top signing last summer. His acting is being very good. The Pole is now injured, but everything indicates that he will be back in San Mamés, an important game in the fight for the League title. The scorer sees that it is possible to win a double. “Everything is possible, but much remains. In the League we have a good advantage, but we have to do better than in many games we won 1-0. In the Cup, the goal is the final, but you have to eliminate Real Madrid”, he said in an interview with the club’s magazine.

Lewandowski believes that the team is doing things better in this second part of the season, although he asks for patience. “We found a way to return to the elite, but we have to be patient. Everything is on the right track because we have young players who need time. In the first part of the season we did well, but we made mistakes. In this second part everything is going much better We took a step forward”, says the Pole, who regrets the mistakes made in the Champions League: “The injuries we had made things difficult for us in the Champions League. We had a young team with little experience. We made mistakes and if you want to win the Champions League you can’t make those mistakes.“.

help for young people

Lewandowski became much more than a player, a teacher for the youngest. “I try to help my teammates. Not only with the goals, but also with my mentality and behavior. I like to give my point of view on the games. I think it can help, especially the younger ones”, admits the Pole, who believes that Barça’s future is assured: “Barca have young players with great potential. With them, the future of the club is assured. It is important that there is a balance in a team between young players and other more veteran players and we have that“.

the DNA

Barça’s Polish striker was full of praise for his coach in the interview. “Xavi was a great player and played as a midfielder, he saw the pitch from a central perspective. He is able to see many things. Playing with the ball, without the ball… He always tells us that we ourselves must be able to change the game. He knows what to do tactically and always adds value to his words, which makes you listen and understand him”, explains Lewandowski, who believes that Barça must adapt to current football in their style of play: “Barça’s DNA is to play good football, but you have to understand that football is changing. For example, the Barca game from ten years ago might not work now.. You have to find the perfect solution for where you are and the players you have.”

One of the keys to Barça’s good form in LaLiga is in defence, having conceded just eight goals in 24 games. Lewandowski praises his teammates. “It’s good to have a defense like ours for the forwards. We have more security, we can take more risks because we have our backs protected. Security facilitates goals and the first step in every team must be to have a good defense.”


Finally, the Polish striker talks about his future. He is very comfortable at Barça and would like to stay for many years. He has a contract until 2026.”I don’t think about the years I’ll be at Barça. I still think I can play a few more years at a high level, but I don’t know how many it will be. I’m sure it won’t be one or two. will be more. I hope I can stay here for many years to come. Now I understand the meaning of Més than a club”.