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After betting on the three extremes in San Mamés, Xavi Hernández will recover, without surprise, the four midfielders against Real Madrid in the classical league. The team did not finish taking off or flowing at La Catedral, despite having achieved the big goal of three points. And the fact that Egarense recovers Pedri, who returns after having missed the last six games due to injury, seems to be fundamental for the preparation of their tie for a key game to tie the League title.

The context of the classic is tense. The fact that the eternal rival had decided to appear in the ‘Negreira case’ made the climate very rare. Especially after some good times and good relations, with both entities going to one on the Superliga matter and Florentino and Laporta often being seen together and delighted with life.

xavi is aware that an onslaught Next Sunday at the Camp Nou will be a joy for a much-needed crowd in such a tense environment with so much noise around them. In this way, the bet on the four midfielders (a priori sacrificing Ferran, who was gray again in Bilbao) seems the most viable.

let’s see if with Pedri already returning to the starting XI or betting on a more muscular profile like Franck Kessiewhich accumulates two substitutions in a row.


The issue is that with this scheme the azulgrana team won at the Bernabéu and added their best games this season. It gained a lot in solidity, in solidarity and in populating the center of the field. That’s where the main tricks came from, especially in the rival’s quick transitions after the defeat.

Another rooster may crow when Ousmane Dembélé returns. A priori, Sunday’s derby at the Camp Nou will be the last game the Frenchman will lose. A priori, undisputed holder of Xavi. Also when I get back. Raphinha’s great moment of inspiration could make the Vallenese rethink whether to bet on both ends again. Probably keeping the Brazilian on the right and putting Ousmane on the left.

The first match after the national team break will be at Martínez Valero. Good morning to Dembélé (he hasn’t trained with the group yet) to add a few minutes and prepare for the last round against Madrid, in the second leg. Vital for the long-awaited triplet.