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In recent months there has been more than one Classic and in most of them, Daniel Ceballos It is Gavi They’ve had a run-in or two on the field. First it was the Real Madrid player, who pulled the Barça player by the hair during the final of the Spanish Super Cup, and last Sunday, in the LaLiga game, it was the Barça player who pushed Ceballos without the ball and after kicking Lewandowski.

Now, they met again, but to follow the same path, that of the Spanish national team. Not even 24 hours had passed since the duel at Camp Nou and they were already concentrated in the Sports City of Las Rozas to play the matches against Norway and Scotland. Gavi is already a starter in the red squad, on the other hand, Ceballos hasn’t appeared since October 2020 with Luis Enrique. Now, with Luis de la Fuente, it looks like he will start if he continues to have minutes for Ancelotti. He is not the undisputed starter, but he is showing that he can be important for Real Madrid. That yes, it still goes without renewing and it could go free this summer if they don’t reach an agreement.

In an interview with ‘Marca’, the midfielder was sincere and said that Luis de la Fuente told the two that they needed to talk and solve the problem, if there was one. “The coach was aware that we had our ups and downs. He told us to talk about it and that’s what we did.”said the player.

The two players are from Seville, Ceballos is from Utrera and Gavi from Los Palacios, but they have never met: “I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him. We’re from two neighboring towns. He lives 10 kilometers from where I live. You know how south we are. It’s hot.”he said.

The important thing is that “Everything is being resolved. We’ve already discussed this. Everything that happens on the pitch stays there. We have to go in the same direction. If the good environment and the good vibes don’t work, I won’t run for him and he won’t run for me. That’s it.” has to be set aside. We share a position. Now we’re partners.”it ended.