The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, presented this Tuesday at the Museum of Alcobendas the program of events and milestones to celebrate the Centenary of the FEB and the special kit that #LaFamilia will use in the Centenary Tournaments in Vigo, Córdoba, Madrid, Málaga and Grenada, which will serve as preparation for the Women’s Eurobasket and the Men’s World Cup this summer.


The president of FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, welcomed those present and explained the events that will celebrate the Centenary of FEB: “For us it may be a moment of complacency, but we want to look to the future. In our past there are so many people and properties that worked in our past, in the collective memory of Spanish basketball.”

Garbajosa announced that the FEB Centenary Honor Commission will be chaired by SAR on the day King Felipe VI, and will be attended by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanches, as well as, among others, Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Amaya Valdemoro, Elisa Aguilar, José Manuel Franco (CSD), José Ignacio Goirigolzarri (CaixaBank), José Bogas (Endesa) or Alejandro Blanco.

In addition to sporting events (U19 Women’s World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Queen’s Cup LF Endesa…) he explained that the Centenary will have a commemorative stamp with the collaboration of Correos, in addition to a coupon for ONCE and the tenth of the draw for National Lottery. FEB & Laureus, FIBA ​​​​​​Europe Board, Spanish Basketball Gala and Hall of Fame will also be held during the year.

The FEB president reviewed successes, from the European Championship in Barcelona in 1973, silver in Los Angeles in 1985, women’s gold in 1993, junior gold in Lisbon in 1999… until reaching the golden age of the women’s and men’s teams. “And just when it looked like the best male and female generation was leaving the court, not only did we not fall into that valley, but we are in the best moment in our history, and we are the number 1 FIBA ​​ranking in the men’s category and the best team in Europe. in the female.”

A kit for a special summer

Jorge Gargajosa, president of FEB, and marta fernandez, presenter of the event, discovered the special kit that the men’s and women’s teams will wear this summer of 2023, in preparation for the World Cup and Women’s EuroBasket. A spectacular piece of equipment that captures the history of Spanish basketball and transports us back to the great moments our teams have left us with.

The shirt recalls the first official championship played by the National Team: the EuroBasket in Geneva in which the silver medal was won. The “España” brand on the front of the shirt is the same as the sweatshirt used in 1935. On the sides are the 10 stars, which are the 10 gold medals won by the Men’s and Women’s National Team in Eurobaskets and World Cups. the gold medal in Peruggia in 1993 and ending with the one in Berlin in 2022. 10 are also the years of FEB’s relationship with Nike, the shirt’s manufacturer. Get the Centenary Kit

Malaga Tournament Tickets

The president of the FEB also announced the sale of tickets for the Centenary Tournament in Malaga; a spectacular triangle (August 11-13) with Spain, the United States and Slovenia a few days before the start of the 2023 World Cup.

Ticket prices for the three games can be purchased from €120. #LaFamilia will again face Team USA in national territory for the first time since the friendly played in July 2012 at Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona. Malaga will face a duel between the top two in the FIBA ​​World Ranking. In addition, the Martín Carpena will host another great game between the last two European champions: Spain and Slovenia. tickets on sale

The world of basketball gathered at the FEB Museum

The event was attended by three of the FEB vice-presidents, José Miguel Sierra, Antonio de Torres and Santos Moraga, representatives of FEB sponsors and former players of the Spanish National Teams.

Among the historic players of the National Teams stand out Laia Palau, Emiliano Rodríguez, José Manuel Beirán, Elisa Aguilar, Wony Geuer, Carolina Mújica… On behalf of FEB sponsors, the event was attended by Ignatius Jimenez (Endesa), Eduardo Matesanz (Nike), Immaculate Guzman (HM Hospitals) and Jose Maria Peiro (Renfe). Also present were the president of the Spanish Association of Coaches, Joan Maria Gavaldà, and the representative of AJUB, Ester Morillas.