The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero (35 years old), participated in the institutional event organized by her Ministry on the occasion of International Women’s Day, this Wednesday, March 8, in Madrid. He’s been doing it wearing a very meaningful suit and known by the most fashionistas, since it went viral a few months ago when another empowered woman, Alexia Putellas (29), chose him for his interview in the anthill.

It is a two-piece set consisting of pants and a blazer. signed by Joplin Ateliercompany founded by the sisters Aída and Laura Molano, who rent and sell their pieces made in Barcelona under the values ​​of ethical and fair fashion.

It is made from leftover fabric, so they are unique pieces and no two are alike, as explained by the brand’s JALEOS. There are no more yards of fabric to replicate it. Besides, it’s Made of plaid lamé jacquard fabric, in lilac and metallic tones.

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Irene Montero in the Joplin Atelier dress.


Both the signature and the color of the suit are not chosen at random. Politics not only wanted to support the work of these two women with their stylistic choice, but also did so by opting for the purple color representative of Women’s Day.

Another reason for choosing it is certainly the responsible fashion philosophy promoted by Joplin Atelier. The brand is committed to custom to avoid the overproduction of garments, and offers the rental of its showcase as an alternative to overconsumption. And that’s precisely what Irene Montero did: rent, not buy, the whole. To be exact, It was her stylist who contacted the company rent the suit, as this psychic learned.

“The rent varies according to the piece, a set like this has a rental cost of around 90 euros. This rental system is quite recent and the company is implementing it in these weeks, so it still does not appear on the Joplin website”, they explain.

It is a plaid lamé jacquard fabric, in lilac and metallic tones.


the catalan sisters they made this costume in their day for themselves and you can’t believe how far you’ve come, first with Alexia Putellas and then with Montero.

The firm works to measure and makes this same suit in different fabrics, to the taste of its customers. On its website you can find an alternative to the suit of the Minister of Equality, another one in a totally metallic lilac color.

To complete the look, Montero wore a Basic black v-neck t-shirt. In the hair, a gathered low made of two types of braids on both sides.

About the brand

Joplin Atelier was born in 2016 to sisters Laura and Aida Molano after a trip down Route 66. It was at an improvised stop in the city of the same name in Missouri that the inspiration arose, being the common thread of a new adventure: a fashion company custom.

Dust storms, rock aesthetics and a trip nostalgic involve the imaginary of this new journey, which gives rise to pieces full of color, inspiration western and contemporary design. All Joplin Atelier clothing is made to order and handcrafted in its Barcelona workshop, thus contributing to fairer way without leftovers stock.