Sledgehammer in Ferrari. Several Italian media reported the immediate departure of David Sanchez, head of aerodynamic development for single-seaters at Maranello.

    Ferrari member since 2013

    The French engineer has tendered his resignation in what is considered a necessary step to comply with the period of reflection without work that the FIA ​​requires and that is normally defined in contracts before landing in a competition team.

    David Sanchez had spent most of his sporting career at Ferrari, where he landed in 2013, rising to head of aerodynamics in 2016, replacing Dirk de Beer, and being touted as the architect of Ferrari’s resurgence. Previously, Sanchez was at Renault from 2005 to 2007, jumping to McLaren from 2008 to 2012.

    Ferrari now has the difficult task of replacing a prominent man whose positions have been coveted in recent years within the different structures, as seen recently with Dan Fallos, from Red Bull to Aston Martin, or previously, with Peter Prodromou jumping from Red Bull for McLaren.

    Contrary to what one might think, the dismissal is not forced by the start of the SF-23, which has not been as competitive as the F1-75 of the 2022 season, but by an express request of the French engineer who supposedly received an offer from a million dollars from another team.

    At the moment, there are several teams eager to reinforce their structures, from the historic ones that want to progress, to the future giants, such as Audi, so the options are multiple.

    movement of personnel

    Despite the limitations of the budget cap, or perhaps precisely because of the limitations of the budget cap, staff turnover has increased noticeably in recent seasons. Something that was very common in more basic positions and that was extended to positions of responsibility.