Is Sivir the fairest League of Legends champion? Is that what a massive survey seems to indicate?

It didn’t take research to find out what Most Hated League of Legends Champion. Since her popularity has increased, Yuumi has been the most rejected hero by the community. However, one player wanted to calibrate feelings by holding a poll in which more than 5,000 community members participated. In it, in addition to confirming feelings in relation to the character who I only have one reworksomething very interesting was also discovered. Of the 162 champions in play, only one was left without votes.. I mean, it’s the only one that doesn’t seem to bother anyone. This is surprising as it is quite popular.

The champion that no League of Legends player hates

Selected in just over 5% of games, Sivir is the least hated character in League of Legends. It was this champion who did not accumulate votes in the poll. Something curious, as it has some mechanics that can be quite frustrating for many players. With his combination of skills, he can light waves constantly counteracting our efforts to put the subjects in good standing and, above all, the shield can ruin many characters’ big moves. Especially supports with grappling hooks or heroes who, like Vi, are very reliant on a single ability.

The other situation for which the total absence of Sivir’s ‘haters’ seems remarkable is due to the aforementioned popularity. Exposure to characters often makes them easier to remember in a survey of these characteristics. It’s no coincidence that at the bottom of the list are heroes like Rek’Sai, Galio, Ivern or Orianna. However, the appearance of this shooter, along with Jinx and Rakan, is quite interesting. In a way, we can intuit that it has something more merit and that if the players don’t point out champions against whom they face with relative frequency, it’s because they consider them the fairest in the game of riot games.

the search was answered by more than five thousand people that they could choose their three most hated characters, and those were the champions that showed up the least in the responses.







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The most hated characters by the community

As for the most hated characters, the truth is that your expectations will certainly be met. yumi leads with a huge lead followed by Shaco, teemo It is yasuo. If something surprises in this section, it is the scarce appearance of Zed. Only 286 players have him on their roster, despite him being the most banned champion in League of Legends. Even now, with the recent reformulations of Aurelion Sol and Yuumi, is the third most banned character in ranked matches of League of Legends.

About heroes whose position surprises us we want to highlight one Tryndamere (16th most hated) than we expected above. same situation for Veigar (55th), Zeri (89th) and Xayah (145th). The last shooter was the one that caught our attention the most, although it also confirms a pattern. ADCs are generally seen as much fairer champions than the others. The League of Legends developers had already identified this pattern and suspect it’s because they have a very marked weakness as a class: no matter how powerful they are, if you touch them, they die.

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