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The fire at the gates of MontánLMV

Meteorology once again teamed up with fire yesterday to take to the extreme the device that tries to extinguish the fire of live Villanueva that burns the region Alto Mijares. Despite the “window of opportunity” that was the night of Sunday to Monday, yesterday’s strong winds, combined with low relative humidity, reignited the flames and the fire’s virulence, without letting up.

Shortly after 2 pm, the fire reached the road CV-195which served as a firebreak to prevent their advance towards the Serra d’Espadà Natural Park, one of the most unfavorable scenarios on the table. At the same time, the flames reached the gates of the municipality of Montán, where other of the most critical moments of the day were lived try at all costs to prevent it from reaching homes.

An unfavorable evolution for which the authorities adopted the decision to also evacuate Torralba del Pinar and the municipalities of the Alto Palancia Higueras and Pavías region, mainly due to the risk that the smoke could pose to residents. An eviction that took place very quickly in less than an hour and without incident, as confirmed by the Minister of the Interior, gabriela bravoWell, they’ve been warned.

“We were clear that if the fire crossed the road as it did, we would have to leave,” said the mayor of Pavías, Mari Carmen Vives, adding that they are “very aware of the fire since Thursday”. Most evacuees chose to stay with relatives. On the other hand, the confinement of the city of caudiel. Its first mayor, antonio martinezhighlighted the compliance on the part of the residents.

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The terrible impact that the Castellón fire is leavingF.Calabuig / V.Rodriguez

The ash cloud that formed the forest fire declared in Villanueva de Viver since last Thursday arrived yesterday afternoon at Valence. The smoke, produced by a fire that has already devastated 4,300 hectares in the provinces of Teruel and Castellón and is still activewas seen from the Feria Valencia after wind rekindled flames in a critical area of ​​the wildfire.

“They were very critical moments given the proximity of the flames to the municipality of Montán. However, we had prepared land resources there and it has been possible to prevent the flames from reaching any dwelling. The fire did not enter or affect any homes. We have land resources mobilized to work on that containment line to prevent the fire from advancing into the interior of the population”, said the minister. gabriela bravo.

With a preventive nature

In view of the situation, and with a preventive nature, the decision was taken to evacuate the municipalities of Higueras, Pavías and Torralba del Pinar. At the same time, Caudiel’s confinement was decreed because the intensity of the smoke could cause health problems. Therefore, the population has been asked to stay in their homes”, he explained before the last part.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchesyesterday visited the advanced command post of the quarter, from where efforts to extinguish the forest fire that affects Alto Mijares are directed and coordinated. There, the head of the central executive announced that the government is committed to “rebuilding” and “recovering” the affected areas when the destructive fire is extinguished. He recalled livestock, tourist areas and companies and stated that “Government delegations will provide the necessary resources so that in the shortest possible time we can provide answers, stability and guarantees”.

Photographs of the virulent forest fire in Villanueva de ViverCastelló Fire Brigade Consortium | GVA/EFE/UME/112 Region of Murcia/Eduardo Ripoll


Upon arrival, Sánchez embraced the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig; to then greet with affection the mayors, the president of the Diputación, José Martí, and other authorities of the emergency device. In his speech, there was a memory, first of all, “for those who fight fire on the front line”, he said. Thus, he thanked the firefighters for the delivery and left a souvenir for the 14 soldiers slightly injured.

The president referred to the influence of climate change on this type of natural disaster. “Unfortunately, it is starting to be the usual thing that it wasn’t before. We are in March, coming out of winter and we are facing a type of fire typical of summer”, he told the press. “This climate emergency is not future, but current and urgent, and there is no room for denial or neutrality in the face of this problem,” he said.

“The most important thing is that we don’t have to mourn the loss of human life. With the fire still alive, we have to ask for caution,” he said yesterday in Barracas Sánchez, who also met with officials from the Provincial Fire Consortium, forest firefighters and Civil Guard to be informed about the characteristics of the fire and the consequences for the population.

Referring to the single command that coordinates the extinction work, Sánchez highlighted a “very positive coordination” to face the natural catastrophe.