Ifor euroleague faces its final stretch before the start of the decisive games on an equal footing ever seen in the history of the tournament since adopting its current 18-team format in 2002. 30 days and 270 games there is only four qualified teams mathematically for the playoffs (Olympiacos, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Monaco), none of them are yet guaranteed top seed for the playoffs, and even 10 teams (Fenerbahce, Maccabi, Partizán, Baskonia, Zalgiris, Efes, Milan, Valencia, Virtus and Red Starin this order) compete for the four vacant positions.

Baskonia center Steven Enoch fights Anadolu Efes’ Bryant Dunston.

All these unknowns will be clarified in the 36 games from the remaining four days of the regular phase, being able to begin to clarify this week, in which there is a double day with important clashes. As regards the Spanish representatives, the madrid (receives Fenerbahçe and visits Partizan) and barcelona (visits Partizan and welcomes Alba Berlin) they will try to certify the field factor in crossings.

Key week for Baskonia and Valencia Basket

He Baskonia, eighth (15-15) it’s him Valencia, twelfth (14-16) They are facing a key week to continue aspiring to finish in the top eight. The Victorians receive at the fort of the Buesa Arena for the Alba Berlin and Fenerbahceand the Valencians have a little more difficulty, as they visit the Red Star and Zalgiristwo teams that are rushing, like them, in their classification options.

Moustapha Fall defends Edy Tavares in the meeting between Olympiacos and Real Madrid, co-leaders of the Euroleague.

Anything can happen, and it’s not cliché, in the most balanced Euroleague in history since 2002 given how the competition has developed so far. The standings are the tightest ever. Just four wins separate seventh place from the two leaders, Olympiacos and Real Madrid. And there are just other cfour away wins between fifteenth and eighth which now occupies the Baskonia and marks the classifieds for the crossings.

Most games decided by 3, 5 or 10 points

The results confirm this unusual parityin which, according to official data recently provided by the organization, the most games decided by less than 3, 5 or 10 pointsand the smallest difference between home and away wins since the current 18-team format was adopted.

Baskonia players celebrate the victory over Real Madrid after a last second treble from Matt Costello.

The data show that home and away wins are more evenly matched than ever, with the exception of the 2020-21 season, when the global pandemic did not allow attendance at the pavilions. this season away teams win 6.5% more games than last season.

Two out of five games are decided by two possessions

One in five parties (22.80%) decided on a basket or less, while almost two out of five (39.20%) they decided on just two possessions. Yes, Anything can happen in the remaining four days of the most balanced and exciting Euroleague regular phase in history.