I have to admit that when I read the news about the launch of the new ghd irons it made me think. Well, it’s true that in the world beauty There are many novelties that are presented by brands and, to be honest, not all of them work and many end up disappointing. So when I found out that These were dishes that, in addition to doing the same thing, also dried, I was very curious but, I also confess to you, that my expectations were not very high.

Well, now that I’ve been able to try them on, I have to eat my words and admit that yes they are worth it and those are the reasons why I would bet on them.

Some hair straighteners that dry

We’ve always heard that we can’t iron wet or damp hair, but the ghd DuetStyle It has the peculiarity of being able to really use it with towel-dried hair, as its mission is precisely dry.

And yes, it is. The first thing I thought was that, for sure, I would have to dry my hair a little before using them, because otherwise it would never run out. Well, nothing is further from the truth. They were created so that we can only use them after removing the moisture with a towel and in three passes of each strand, we dry it perfectly. And does he obey? Completely.

I admit I thought I couldn’t get it dry in three passes and here’s my first pleasant surprise. And is that it has the function of emitting hot air that allows a perfect drying, fast (and I have very long hair) and with a very beautiful finish.

This is due to the innovative air melting technology that channels an ultra-concentrated airflow through a custom-built drying chamber that works in combination with four intelligent low-temperature styling plates to dry and straighten hair in the most efficient way.

It has sensors that predict the needs of the hair to maintain a low styling temperature, ideal for combing from root to tip, thus obtaining maximum performance and respecting the natural hydration of the hair without causing damage, drying or burning.

The result after finishing with all the hair is as if I had dried it with a hairdryer but quite smoother, softer and with a lot of shine. Come on, I saved myself having to do thirty passes with the brush and the dryer, in addition to the time I have to spend on it, just ironing with hot air three times for each strand, it’s really perfect.

Some hair straighteners that also straighten

In addition to the drying option, also work like the usual ghd straighteners, smoothing the hair and leaving it perfect. This is due to its mode technology. brilliant shot to polish the hair once dry, as the tool turns into a state-of-the-art straightener that works at the ideal styling temperature of 185 ° C, this time without air, providing instant results without frizz, more shine and greater alignment of the strands.

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I could live my routine beauty only with this tool? definitely yes. With this ghd duet style we could dispense with the hairdryer because with a single gadget we have everything: drying and straightening or, as the case may be, we can create waves.

At this point, for looks with waves, it must be taken into account that it is a very wide plate, even more than ghd Max, which means that on shorter hair they don’t have as much slack, being ideal, on the other hand, for longer hair.

Imagine that by packing a suitcase, for example, we can save a lot of space.

Dry with less noise

Go ahead, sure they make noise, after all they expel air, but nothing to do with a normal hair dryer. And is that it has an innovative acoustic system that reduces noise levels in drying mode for a much more pleasant styling experience and without going crazy, things as they are.

Conclusion: once I was able to give them a chance and put them to the test, I have to admit that my preconceptions were totally wrong and it is a worthwhile iron. Yes, it is expensive, we will not deny that they cost 399 euros, but we must recognize that they are a very, very interesting subscription to achieve a perfect smoothing and also to achieve waves and hairstyles of all kinds, always with the guarantee that we also take care the most of our hair.


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