Trading Fortnite creators and Rocket League publishers keep improving their numbers on PC, enough to be an alternative?

Gradually and without losing hope. In epic games store offer today a complete overhaul from 2022making it clear that the team that owns Fortnite still has reasons to continue betting on selling software on PC, and that includes keep giving away video games every week. In fact, they announced today the launch of a self-publishing tool. This allows developers and publishers to manage their store presence more nimbly and reach a growing audience.

Whoever makes use of this function will continue enjoying all the advantages of the bazaar, including revenue share 88% / 12% and the possibility of using proprietary payment solutions for in-app purchases. The American company thus seeks to reinforce the idea that its bazaar is a space open to all types of creators in the industry, although as always with a small impression: “requirements designed to provide the best possible gaming experience without limiting players to a single store.”

These conditions can be read in full from a declaration. Below is a brief summary of all of them:

  • PC cross-platform game for multiplayer games.
  • Get achievements on the Epic Games Store if you already have them on another PC store.
  • Age classification for regional distribution.
  • Do not incur any content prohibited by the platform.
  • Have sufficient quality (in terms of performance).

What news is the Epic Games Store working on?

From trade, they know that they still have a lot of work to do to convince more and more users of the benefits of going to their store. Therefore, they left a brief list with several points where they want to take a leap:

  • Launcher performance improvements focused on achieving much faster load times and paying special attention to comprehensive user experience throughout the launcher.
  • Support for subscription services from third-party publishers and live service products.
  • content hubs to provide a new destination for publishers to share information with users in an editorial-rich format about their upcoming and live service development products, developer news and application updates.

A 2022 of growth, albeit moderate

And with all that, how did the Epic Games Store fare last year? According to the data provided, the store surpassed the mark of 230 million users on the PC, 36 million more customers than in 2021. In addition, the number of active users reached a maximum of 34.3 million and Monthly active users reached 68 million, up from 62 million a year ago.

Developers released 626 new titles to the store in 2022, leaving a total of 1,548 hosted games on the market. On the other hand, players spent $355 million on third-party apps, 18% more than the previous year. “If we include Epic games, players spent $820 million in 2022, 2% less than in 2021.”

Finally, the free games. How are you? Already at Christmas we had a complaint with the questionable selection of titles by the dealer. In this statement, they announce that last year they donated 99 pitches for a value of $2,240. In total, 700 million free games were downloaded in 2022, “which means that all these titles managed to reach a new audience”.

Image | fortnite.