More than 5,600 tons of rubbish accumulate in the streets of Paris due to the strike of the collectors, who have been mobilized for 8 days against the pension reform (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

The pension reform in France of Liberal President Emmanuel Macron enters this week in home stretchwith a definitive vote scheduled for Thursday, despite the popular and union rejection that called for new protests for Wednesday.

The French President, Emmanuel Macronmade an appeal to “responsibility” of “oppositions”in reference to the Los Republicanos party, to secure parliamentary approval of his controversy Social Security Reform.

“This reform is urgently needed for the financing of our pensions and the soundness of the country. We have a solid majority,” Macron was quoted as saying by French television. BFMTV. “We must take this speech and appeal to the responsibility of the oppositions that can vote for reform,” Macron added.

In particular, the Government appeals to the conservative party Los Republicanos. “It would be fantastic to have a party that votes in the Senate but not in the National Assembly”, said the Minister of Economy, Bruno LeMaire. “The culture of the right is the balance of public finances”, he underlined in statements to the information in french.

in concrete criticized the deputies who are now opposed to the text while they were supportive during the presidential campaign. “Due to inconsistencies we are not going anywhere”, he indicated.

Now there is speculation that the Government will resort to paragraph 3 of article 49 of the Constitution, a kind of legislative ordeal whereby any rule is approved without a motion of censure being presented that gathers the necessary support.

If the Government resorts to 49.3 “It would be breaking the rules of democracy” and must await “reactions”, according to the union leader of the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), Olivier Mateu. The CGT carries the main weight of the seven weeks of consecutive protests against the pension reform.

Also the far-right leader Marine Le Pen He already warned this Monday that he will present a motion of censure and that they will vote in favor of the others that are presented if the Government resorts to 49.3.

French President Emmanuel Macron called for “responsibility” of “oppositions” (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/File photo)

However, the spokesman for the French Executive, Olivier Veran, highlighted that the 49.3 is “a constitutional tool (…) used, reused and reused under certain mandates”, in reference to former Socialist Prime Minister Michel Rocard. In any case, he highlighted that “it’s not a tool we’re thinking about”.

“Not all opposition parties have said they will vote against”, he underlined. Senators from Los Republicanos voted in favor of the legislative proposal promoted by La República En Marcha, Macron’s party.

Meanwhile, more than 5,600 tons of waste in the streets of Paris by the garbage collectors’ strike, mobilized for 8 days against the pension reform.

Several Macron ministers Hidalgo was accused -whose party is in opposition to the Executive-, to “promote” the strike of cleaning workers for political interests and do nothing in the face of what they consider “a public health and safety problem”.

In a radio interview french internetr, the Minister of Finance, Gabriel Attal, today even opened the door to be required by decree to work garbage collectors and to employees of incineration plants, as happened last year in a similar strike in Marseille, one of the main French cities.

For his part, the government spokesman also underlined that there is “a responsibility” of the City Council of Paris, administered by the socialists in a coalition in which the Greens and the Communists participate.

The stoppage of the garbage collection service in Paris and in several garbage incinerators – convened at least until Wednesday – left some uncomfortable images of the city, one of the most touristy in the world for its museums, fashion and haute cuisine. In 500 days, the capital will also host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Mayor Hidalgo left her Cleaning Advisor, Colombe Brosselrespond to the allegations. “If the government’s pension reform raising the minimum retirement age to 64 is withdrawn immediately, incinerators and garages (for cleaning vehicles) will be unlocked immediately.”

Conservative Paris councilors, such as the mayor of the 17th arrondissement, also criticized the councilor for not going to private providers to collect rubbish, given the rise in health scores, reflected in the proliferation of rats.

Half of the 20 districts of Paris have privatized the service and seen their waste collected.

The ruling party takes its approval in the Senate for granted, which already gave its first approval over the weekend thanks to the support of the right-wing opposition, but is having more difficulty obtaining a majority in the Assembly (lower house). , due to defections in favorable groups.

(With information from EFE and EP)

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