Marcelo Corazzawinner of the first Argentine edition of the Big Brother (Telefe) was arrested yesterday as part of a case for corruption of minors.

This Tuesday, Gaston Trezeguetwho shared that first reality show with breastplate In 2001, he commented on his social networks about the case involving the first champion of the cycle. “aberrant, disgusting”wrote the former participant, lapidary.

The opinion of the current panelist of the The Big Brother Debate about the case breastplate appeared on one of her Instagram stories. Trezeguet asked his followers to ask him questions, and one of the questions that came to him was precisely about the police case involving the first winner of the Big Brother: “What do you think of Corazza?”

the answer of trezeguet it was blunt and direct. In white letters on a black background he wrote: “aberrant, disgusting”.

Gastón Trezeguet’s opinion when asked about the case of Marcelo Corazza, the first Big Brother winner who is now jailed for corruption of minorsIg / @gastontrezeguet

In addition to having shared the alternatives of the first Big Brothernowadays Trezeguet and Corazza worked together to produce the latest edition of the reality showalthough they had different functions.

Both also appeared on screen in the show’s “satellite” broadcasts. While trezeguet He is one of the animators of the the debateCorazza participated, on Fridays, in the ex’s night.

Gastón Trezeguet works on the production of the current edition of Big Brother, as did Marcelo Corazza until Sunday nightinstagram @gastontrezeguet

Another of those who participated in the first reality show of Big Brother and who, like Trezeguet and Corazza, became a finalist in the cycle, was Tamara Paganini. The former participant, who since that first reality show has maintained a very friendly and close relationship with breastplateHe also gave his opinion on the arrest of his former partner.

Surprised and shocked by the news, the former participant of the Big Brother commented in an interview with intruders (Amércia): “I want to believe it’s parsley.” He then added: “I adore him and I can’t imagine he would do something like this”.

Within minutes, he said he would “cry a lot” if Corazza’s guilt was proven. “He’s the brother everyone would like to have, he’s a friend, he’s nice. He is a bread of God”defined before warning that he will no longer give interviews in this regard.

20 years after the first Big Brother: Marcelo Corazza, Daniela Ballester, Tamara Paganini and Gastón Trezeguet on the day of the 2001 final where the winner was announcedvideo capture

Corazza was arrested in the context of a case of corruption of minors, in charge of Criminal and Correctional Court No. 48 of Buenos Aires, where there were six raids. In the case file, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is represented by attorney Patricio Lugones. “During the steps, objects of interest to the cause were seized and four people were arrested”, said the sources consulted.

Corazza and the other three detainees are accused, according to LA NACION’s judicial sources, of “having formed an organization aimed at recruit minors and adults vulnerable, in order to subject them to the practice of sexual relations and sexual exploitation without their consenteither for the exchange of money or for personal satisfaction or that of third parties”.

Marcelo Corazza was arrested this Monday at his home in Tigre

The investigation into corruption of minors began at the end of last year. After the progress of the investigations, in the last hours, the Judge Javier Sanchez Sarmiento ordered the series of attacks.

The operations took place in Tigre, General Rodríguez and in the town of Oberá, in Misiones. According to sources with access to the file, the case began after a complaint was filed with the Office of Trafficking and Human Exploitation (Protex).