Gen.G dismantles T1 in LCK Finals

O League of Legends Korean Championship (LCK) underwent a dramatic turn in its late spring. What appeared to be the coronation party of an unbeatable T1 I end up being the consecutive enshrinement of Gen.G as LCK Champion. Gen.G stole the lead role in the spring finale. The group working under Go Dong-bin «punctuation» raises the title of champion of the LCK and it does so with a series that erased a prescribed ending. T1 got up from the stadium without understanding why he lost, Gen.G celebrates his second LCK crown on an unexpected shutdown.

Why fool yourself by saying that this ending was in everyone’s plans. T1 to arrive at the end with extreme solvency hitting himself Generation G at the end of winners. Although the three-time world champion team took damage in the series against KT Rolster, they seemed to have left them behind. Although, Who left their mistakes behind was Gen.Gwho took responsibility for his defeat, causing the same result (3-1) for T1 and taking the LCK spring. He MVP of the night was taken by Kim Su-hwan «Peyz“But the most surprising one was Choi Hyeon-joon”doran«, who was least expected and was most well received.

Doran redeems himself by defeating T1 in the LCK Grand Finals

Gen.G’s often-named loose leg left to play in the LCK Grand Finals against T1. doran reversed roles with his namesake, Choi Woo-je”Zeus«, to whom he gave a single criticism. He topplane of Gen.G became the one in charge of marking the differences. Although Jeong Ji-hoon «rainy» shone excellently, doran It was the leap in quality compared to the last game.

The main weapon of topplane it was him graceschampion with whom Zeus endured much and achieved be different in team fights. Doran’s initiations were the death knell for T1 in the first two maps. doran It is rainy they served dinner in the LCK finals, dismantling all of T1’s attempts. Lee Sang-hyeok’s set”forger» could not even with the combination of Caitlyn Lux in the lower range. O bot lane of T1 met defeat with this duo and was in the hands of a graces what does it look like play ping pong with them.

T1 looks to put parity in the LCK final

After seeing that the roles had been reversed in the top lane, T1 molded Zeus to what he played. The team coached by Bae Seong-woong «Bengi» chose to give Zion for Zeus and focus resources on Lee Min-hyeong”Gumayusi«. Unlike Zeus, the marksman was at a high level and with a bad luck exemplary managed to add the first point for T1.

T1 understood how the final worked, although he made it late and when the masterpiece was yet to be revealed. Unnoticed between Chovy’s incredible performance and the astonishing step up of Doran, The last piece has arrived to decant the party in the name of Gen.G.

Gen.G changed Kings, but not Crowns

With the same rebellious pride that a prodigy like him manages, Peyz became the king of the play. With a great display on the fourth map, Peyz oppressed T1 stealing the election from bad luck. The young Gen.G marksman showed off with 9 murders to put the LCK crown back in the hands of Gen.G.

Peyz completely eliminated Ruler nostalgiawho knew it was the face of Generation G and who gave him his first trophy last summer. The healthy envy that Ruler must have felt when he saw that the young Peyz, who seemed to be embarking on a project that would gradually move towards a promising future, would consecrate himself in his first Divided in the LCK. What better way to replace the king than to keep his crown.