El Gordo de la Primitiva today, Sunday, April 9th, left a great prize for one of the players in the draw and the reality is that it is not so unlikely that it will happen to you too. It’s enough to encourage you to buy a State Lottery and Gambling ticket so that one day you hit the winning combination and it changes your life.

This Sunday, a lucky person won a prize of 168,383.68 euros for hitting the Second Category (5+0) with a correct ticket that was validated at the Reception Post nº 29.035 of Frades (A Coruña), located at Rua de Santiago, 10 – Career Bridge.

First category (5+1) there are no correct tickets, so with the jackpot generated, which will be put into play in the El Gordo de la Primitiva draw next Sunday, a single correct winner could win 5,800,000.00 euros.

The winning numbers for the Gordo de La Primitiva draw this Sunday, April 9th, are:

2, 15, 42, 52, 53

Key number: 2

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This is how the lives of winners changed

A winner wants to sue the lottery for ruining her life

Jane Park won the EuroMillions at age 17. Now, four years later, he has revealed that what he thought would make his life better has done the opposite. In fact, he wants to sue the Lottery for “ruining” his life.

The young woman was lucky because she won the prize with the first ticket she bought. The amount with which it was made was exactly 1,175,000 euros. As he told in an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the prize made him lose his mind and he squandered the money on designer clothes, cars and aesthetic operations.

Now, he admits that he would rather not have won the Euromillions because his life would be “easier”. As he confessed, despite having a lot of money, his life is “empty” and it is very difficult for him to find a partner who is not only interested in his money.

They always played the same numbers and lost the only day they didn’t bet

The story of Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan is one of bad luck. The English couple was very close to earning 182 million euros. Young students have always participated in the Euromillions draw and, moreover, they always bet on the same numbers. They didn’t miss a single day, in fact they had a platform set up with which they could automatically buy tickets every week.

However, one Friday they didn’t because their bank account was out of funds. “We didn’t think they were going to show up,” they told British media The Sun.

They were wrong. When checking the app, they received a notification with the numbers they always played with, which were defined. And they saw that they were the ones who had won the highest prize. Thus, they were deprived of pocketing 182 million euros, the exact amount of the pot.

Win over 5 million euros and find out at the bar

Rufino became the most famous resident of Valuengo, a small town in Jerez after winning Gordo de la Primitiva. It was made with 5 million and four hundred thousand euros. The most curious thing is how he found out he was a millionaire: at the bar and by chance. Rufino had coffee at the usual bar. Among the customers, talk arose that someone from the city had won the Gordo de la Primitiva award. The local waiter offered to check Rufino’s ticket: “You’re the fat one.” And from there, general disbelief. Nobody in the bar believed it, not even the winner himself. Rufino had an accident at the company where he worked, which cost him three fingers on one of his hands and made him unable to work.

Ruth, the millionaire who never stops working

Ruth Breen, 39, won the EuroMillions jackpot when she was going through a bad financial period. The British woman, a midwife by profession and with a young daughter, saw her luck change when she won the lottery.

However, she made it very clear that she did not want to change the course of her life. She kept working and used the money to put her daughter in a good school, help her brother buy a house, and pay their parents’ insurance.

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