Iiberty and Stefano Domenicali continue to take advantage of the excellent moment that F1 is going through, studying the roads and promoting scenarios. The four starts in Australia, the final start for two laps, must be understood in this new idea, unwritten, but known to all: we have to promote the show.

And show was, although for many protagonists, they crossed the line of sight into final chaos. “If you look at them as a display factor, red flags are fine, but Melbourne could have been too much,” says Toto Wolff, team boss Mercedes, who lost the lead to Russell in the first he took after Albon’s accident. “We just have to understand in the future when the red flags are triggered and when a safety car or VSC is triggered. I think in those incidents you could have applied either one.

“I think the red flag wasn’t necessary, there was a car stopped and that’s what safety cars are for to slow down the race,” he said. Alonso in the last safety car at Albert Park And he quickly summarized what this new F1 is like: “I thought we had the podium, then the red flag surprised, then the touchdown, we were out of the points, they put us back in the points. A roller coaster of emotions in the last half hour,” he said.

And what will I be around, because Baku, the first race of the year with a sprint race, can put on even more of a show. Liberty is not satisfied with two races, short on Saturday and long on Sunday, which this year also doubled six, but also wants two classifications. They know what interests the public, how lazy are traditional fridays and they want to shake the tree.

That is, load Free 2 on Friday and Free 3 on Saturday, put a rating on each side and we’ll see which one works for which race. Currently, on weekends with sprint races, Grand Prix pole is decided in Friday qualifying, which does not need to start first in the traditional Sunday long race. There it is the first (not the poleman) who wins the short race on Saturday in which the best of Q3 came first, poleman even if he did not start first on Sunday. With problems, in fact, and in Baku the same a little more.

Verstappen, shooting alone, in Baku.

Vasseur likes, Verstappen nothing

In favor of this week’s Sprint, Fred Vasseur, Ferrari boss, made a curious comparison with football. “Well, I like the formatI’m not a big fan of Libre 2, which I sometimes find a bit boringnobody knows the loads or that it’s tested or it’s spectacular. In the same way, in football, nobody goes to practice on Wednesdays and there are usually 20 in the stands, you go to watch the game.”. He adds: “For the first time, I think all the teams agreed on that. It doesn’t happen very often, so we have to take advantage of that.”

On the opposite side, the two-time champion, who despite his age is more classic than a clock. “I don’t think it’s in F1’s DNA to do that kind of sprint race. F1 is all about making the most of qualifying and then having an amazing Sunday.” “This is the DNA of the sport and I don’t understand why we should change.

“That’s a lot of racing,” he adds, and his pitch is this: “I understand they want every day to be exciting, but I think maybe it’s better to just shorten the weekend: race only, Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday and make those two days exciting.” “For me, a sprint race is about survival, it’s not about competing and I don’t like that”, he ends.

It’s not the only twist to the grid this season, though. as the FIA ​​wants to use two races, we’ll see which, release a ‘Revised Qualifying Format’ (RQF) in which it would be mandatory to qualify in Q1 only with hard ones, in Q2 with mediums and in Q3 with softs (all if it doesn’t rain, of course).

In these two experimental tests, only 11 sets of tires will be available for the weekend, against 12 in the six appointments that have Sprints and 13 sets in the rest of the championship.