After unveiling a full trailer at the end of February, 343 Industries reminded players that the Season 3: Echoes Within in infinity halo is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Players can look forward to three new maps, a powerful new M392 Bandit Riflea new concealment device called shroud screena revamped Battle Pass with 100 levels and more.

Season 3 content list

  • New maps: Three new maps join the rotation, including the Cliffhanger (ONI Research Site) and Chasm (Zeta Halo substructure) arena maps, and the Oasis Team Warfare map (great for vehicular action).
  • New Weapon Rifle Bandit: Halo Infinite’s first new weapon has arrived. Designed to reward accuracy and precision, the M392 Bandit semi-automatic rifle is perfect for mid-range engagements. With formidable stopping power fit only for a Super Soldier, the Bandit Rifle is deadliest with accurate, well-timed shots.
  • New shroud screen equipment: The Shroud Screen is the first new piece of equipment in Halo Infinite and includes a handheld launcher that allows the player to aim and fire an opaque spherical screen. While projectiles can pass through this screen, outside players will not be able to see through it, and vice versa. Additionally, players inside will remain hidden from their opponents’ motion sensors. Tactical positioning, map knowledge, and timing will be essential to gaining an advantage over your enemies with Shroud Canvas.
  • New Escalation Slayer mode: comes to Halo Infinite as a new arena game mode. Available as a team and FFA variant, Escalation Slayer requires players to eliminate their opponents in order to progress through a wide range of weapons. With each kill comes a new weapon before culminating in the final challenge to win, taking out an enemy player with the Oddball.
  • 100 Tier Battle Pass: Purchase the Echoes Within Premium Battle Pass to instantly unlock the Redsteel Splinter Legendary Armor skin for all available Cores. With over 100 tiers of rewards, including 1,000 Halo Credits, the Echoes Within Premium Battle Pass also gives players a fourth challenge slot and additional XP during Season Three.

The best Halo developed by 343 Industries

“343 Industries can build on what they’ve achieved with infinity halosigning the best installment of the saga since Bungie abandoned it and one of the best games of all 2021. A long campaign with impeccable shootings that never get tired, a competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us countless moments, a great artistic direction and a spectacular soundtrack are its main presentation cards, some virtues that easily surpass its few flaws,” we concluded in our comprehensive review when the game launched.

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