Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at Ciudad Real Madrid to analyze tomorrow’s game at Santiago Bernabeu compared to Liverpool (21h00/Movistar+) and the latest news about the Madrid team in preparation for the match in champions.

Ancelotti’s witty response to the Deschamps-Benzema ‘affair’

The Italian technician gave his version with the ‘case’ Danger After the Belgian’s words in Belgium, he didn’t want to get into the controversy between Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema and commented on the approach they will take against Liverpool to reach the quarterfinals: ” We will not do calculations. We are not going to play a closed game, but an open game, playing our best offensive football. And this is understood by the players. That’s why I think it’s going to be an open match“.

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Hazard case:

the relationship is not cold. He’s been very honest, we don’t talk a lot and it’s the truth. It is often a question of character, you feel better talking to one person than another. That’s not the most important thing, for me it’s that, even if we don’t talk much and he doesn’t play, he respects me. I highly value it and respect it just the same. If you don’t play a lot, it’s because there’s a lot of competition. In his position, there is a player who is contributing a lot and that is Vinícius”.

Party Approach:

“I don’t think we talk about that much, about the good things about the first leg. We did a lot of things well. We’re not going to make calculations. We’re not going to plan a closed game, but an open one, playing our best attacking football. And that’s understood by the players. That’s why I think it will be an open game. We have to do both things well: defend and attack, but we think more about the attack”.

Deschamps-Benzema case:

“This is more of a personal matter. Deschamps was also my player and I respect him as a person, player and coach.. I don’t put my finger. I don’t think it affects Benzema, It’s a subject he doesn’t talk about and I don’t think he cares. In Italy it is said ‘between husband and wife … do not put your finger’ “, she assured.

Vini Jr., for example

He is on the right track to write Real Madrid’s history for years to comehow they did Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Casemiro… This whole group that has been fantastic, especially in the Champions League”.


“Camavinga is very important, he is doing very well. In the last one he makes obvious mistakes, but playing so well… he makes us forget all the bad things. Against Espanyol he makes a very big mistake, but then he plays a very good game. He plays very well. is untouchable today and will be untouchable in the future too.”

Importance of experience:

“Tricky question (laughs). So, I’ll give you a tricky answer: for tomorrow’s game, experience and energy are very important”

Do you have Hazard for next year?:

“For next year, I have the players that the club puts at my disposal. Tomorrow’s game for us is more complicated than for Liverpool. They will do their best from the first minute and no matter what happens. result leaves us in doubt, but we will try to go to the top from the beginning. We have more doubts than the rival”

mental aspect

“On a psychological level, I think the game is more complicated for us than for Liverpool. They have to go to the top to win from the first minute, whatever happens. The result of the first leg, in this respect, gives us puts a little doubt in that. We’ll try to go to the top from the first minute, but we have more doubts than the rival. For next year I have the players that the club makes available to me”.