On the occasion of World Kidney Day, which is celebrated this Thursday, the Hospital Beata María Ana in Madrid recalled that factors such as hematuria, back pain or hypertension can be signs of kidney disease.

This is how they express it in a decalogue that includes tips for taking care of the health of the kidneys and warning signs for the early detection of any disease related to the kidneys.

“The main function of the kidneys is the filtration and elimination of residues and excess liquids from the body. It is, therefore, a fundamental organ for the proper functioning of the human body and its care should be a matter of concern for the entire population,” says Dr. . Gregorio Escribano, urologist at Beata María Ana Hospital.

Kidney diseases such as lithiasis or calculi, tumors, infections, renal failure or arterial hypertension have a high prevalence in the population. “In many cases, people have these pathologies without knowing it until the problem is quite advanced. That is why it is important to follow appropriate guidelines to prevent the appearance of this type of disease and be aware of some symptoms that may go unnoticed, but this will be essential for the early diagnosis of the disease”, emphasizes the doctor.

There are warning signs that may go unnoticed and that you should be aware of in order to diagnose a possible kidney disease early.

First, hematuria, or the presence of blood in the urine, is a condition that always requires a urological study to rule out kidney disease. Secondly, pain in the lower back, especially one-sided, is also another sign. The cause of unilateral low back pain can be of renal or musculoskeletal origin (frequent in the population). In this case, the PC doctor will advise on the need to consult a specialist or not to complete the study and rule out kidney disease.

Likewise, in those cases where the hypertension does not respond to the usual medication, it will be necessary to consult the PC doctor, who will advise on the need or not to go to the specialist to complete the study.

Swelling for no apparent reason in the legs, ankles, feet, face or hands is another warning sign, as it could be due to fluid retention that has to do with a kidney problem. Therefore, it is a symptom that deserves attention to rule out this type of pathology.

In addition, changes in the volume of diuresis (or the volume of urine eliminated) may be due to a kidney problem or its evacuation (prostatism). Again, it will be the PC who will advise the patient on the need to consult a specialist to study the symptoms in each case.

Likewise, with the aim of preventing the appearance of this type of pathology, Dr. Escribano points out a series of recommendations to take into account, such as maintaining a balanced diet with low salt content. Eating a balanced diet is the foundation for good health. In the specific case of the kidneys, it is also especially important not to abuse salt with meals, taking into account a daily maximum of 2mg. A diet low in animal fat is also discouraged. Likewise, the prevention of kidney problems involves abundant consumption of fruits and vegetables.

As in many other pathologies, regular moderate physical exercise is behind the prevention of kidney diseases. In this case, the practice of physical activity not only reduces the risk of suffering from kidney disease, but, if you have it, delays its progression.

On the other hand, maintaining a correct level of hydration is essential for good kidney health. In this sense, fluid intake should be individualized according to each patient. In general, an adequate measurement system can be considered reaching an average daily urine volume of around one and a half liters.

In addition, this specialist recommends controlling blood glucose and blood pressure. These are the main risk factors for kidney disease. Therefore, maintaining a strict control of blood glucose and blood pressure will favor the functioning of the kidneys and allow for an early medical consultation if any abnormality is observed.

Smoking is behind many of today’s cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases affect proper kidney function. “Therefore, it is important to stay away from cigarette smoke to prevent these pathologies”, concludes Escribano.