“It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it. Happy Easter! Posting from heaven. This is how Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank (age 48, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) announced the birth of her two twins through her Instagram account, the same platform on which she has been showing the evolution of her first pregnancy to 1.4 million followers. The text is accompanied by a photograph where the performer, in a bathrobe and on her back, is holding the two babies while contemplating an idyllic sunset over the sea. At the moment the names of the newborns are not known, but congratulations from colleagues and colleagues. “God bless you, dear. This is the most extraordinary trip in history. Very happy for all of you,” commented Sharon Stone in her post. Congratulations from Viola Davis, Juliette Lewis, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson or tennis player Maria Sharapova also reached her via social media.

Two-time Oscar winner — both for Best Leading Actress and Best Actress Boys do not Cry, in 1999, and for Million dollar baby, in 2004 – announced that she was pregnant last October during an interview on the American television program good morning america: “There’s one thing I’ve wanted for a long time and that’s going to be next, which is that I’m going to be a mother,” Swank explained in her talk to the show’s commentators. “And not just one, but two. I don’t believe it”. The actress was radiant and happy to announce the news, for which she waited, as happens in most cases, the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy before making it public: “It’s great to be able to talk about it and share it”.

That same October, she shared in an interview why she decided to become a mother now: “I had a career and I didn’t have the right relationship until… four years ago, and all the necessary elements to come together and be the right people. ” Since the moment she announced her pregnancy, the actress has been sharing some moments of her day-to-day life on social networks, be it her daily workouts, ultrasound scans or her appearances on a red carpet.

These are the first children of the actress and also of her husband, businessman Philip Schneider. The couple got married in August 2018 in California after two years of relationship, a relationship that began after a blind date that some friends organized for them a few months after the interpreter ended her commitment to tennis player Ruben Torres. This is the second marriage for the interpreter, who was married to actor Chad Lowe (brother of also interpreter Rob Lowe) for almost a decade, between September 1997 and January 2007.

Swank is not the first in a long line of well-known women to have children over the age of 45. Chloë Sevigny, also an actress, had her first child at age 45, in 2020. “For me, being a mother since I was 40 made perfect sense,” she explained in an interview with SFashion. Cameron Diaz announced in early 2020 that she was a mother at the age of 47 to a girl named Raddix Madden, although it is never known, it is known if she was pregnant because in recent years she has lived out of the spotlight . Also at the age of 47, Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon, or the Spanish presenter Anne Igartiburu, gave birth. Ana Rosa Quintana, like Swank, had twins at the age of 48, in 2004. Singer Janet Jackson gave birth to a boy in January 2017, when she was 50 years old. And, in the summer of 2019, actress Brigitte Nielsen became a mother at age 55.