the situation of Daniel Alves It continues to be complicated and, amidst various twists and turns, it is not very clear where Joana Sanz, your wife. Although she distanced herself as soon as the allegation of sexual abuse against him emerged, some later attitudes sowed doubts. Now, his last post gave us the subject.

The model recently visited him at Brian’s 2the prison where the former cougars after the scandal that broke out at a party in Spain months ago. This was his second visit and, unlike the previous one, he did not comment on it. What generated was a lot of commotion for being close to the multi-champion again.


Dani Alves is still in prison

His team continues to work to get the Brazilian player out of prison: he is deprived of his freedom in provisional custody and without the right to bail.


a messed up relationship

She has made it clear that she is no longer with the former PSG and Juventus, but visits him and says she will not leave him alone at the moment.

The curious thing is that the Spaniard started to delete the photos with the Brazilian as soon as the legal issue broke out and, as time went by, he said: “I will not leave you alone in the worst moment of your life”. With that phrase, he reactivated the link, albeit sentimentally distanced.

This change in posture clashes again with his last post, in which, through an Instagram story, he showed himself in a bar playing bowling and published the phrase: “Neither in game nor in love”in a direct allusion to the famous saying: “Unlucky in gambling, lucky in love”.

Post by Joana Sanz.

IG Joana Sanz

This phrase generates controversy in the connection between Sanz and Alves. It should be noted that she is a 30-year-old model. Both met through mutual friends while the defender was playing for Barcelona and later got married in Formentera in 2017.

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Her career as a model is extensive and has a great track record. In fact, at just 17 years old, she won the Supermodel of the World contest, from the North American agency Ford. In addition, he has worked with several prominent hair brands including L’Oréal, Philip Plein, Yamamay, Ermanno Scervino, Sony Xperia and Samsung, among others.

The other message from Joana Sanz that generated mystery

In the last three months, the life of Joana Sanz took an unexpected turn: his mother died and he had to face the case of Dani Alveswho is still in jail. After these events, the model begins to look to the future and uses social media to send powerful messages to her followers.

A few weeks ago, I had written in an Instagram story a quote from Bianca Sparacino: “You have to let go. You have to let go because when you hold on, when you keep something alive inside you, you are allowing your past to take up the space in your heart, and in your mind, that is meant for your future.”

Joana Sanz, parading.

Daniel González / EFE

She added: “You have to let go because at the end of the day, if you’re going to find the human being who’s going to bring you the deepest kind of joy, if you’re going to find the person who’s going to help you live the kind of love you’ve always deserved, you have to make sure you’re prepared for it.”

In this sense, her followers are attentive to each publication, as it can give new clues about how the relationship with Dani Alves is going.

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