Many players are missing a morality system that is intuited when digging through the game files.

Diehard fans of the Harry Potter universe like many things from Hogwarts Legacythe open world title of Warner Bros. developed by Avalanche Software. He commercial success is indisputableand that at the moment only the PC versions and the next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been published, but some players are pointing to certain problems they see in the game’s design.

In addition to the errors and lack of optimization, especially in the PC version, one of the criticisms that has been repeated the most by players is the fact that there is no system of morality consider your actions. You can steal valuables from other students or merrily kill using the forbidden curse Avada Kedavra, and there will be no large-scale consequences.

Game files include crime scenes

However, it has recently been shared in reddit information from the game files that make reference to crime scenesThat is, it was possible to initially propose some kind of mechanism that took into account the player’s criminal acts. And that’s it, in addition to the house we choose and the choice we make at the end of the game, our decisions have no impact on the plot and are barely reflected in the world.

It is not known if there would be some kind of search and capture of the protagonist or something more elaborate, but the truth is that a morality system is something that is necessary for a future sequel. What we said is not the only thing that was found in the game files: it is also mentioned a system to measure the level of friendship of companions and you can see logs of spells that weren’t included like Obliviate or Tarantallegra.

“If you want to be bad, be bad”

Prior to the game’s release, from Avalanche Software they talked about being good or bad at Hogwarts Legacywith lead designer Kelly Murphy making it clear that they wanted the player to have freedom in this regard:

“It was important to us to give players who wanted to be witches or dark wizards a chance to do so. This is the ultimate incarnation of roleplaying games; allowing players to be evil. Also, that was important because it comes from a place of no judgment by the game’s creators. If you want to be bad, be bad“.

Later, narrative director Moira Squier pointed out that the world would react to her actions, but without that system of morality we speak of:

“[Las Maldiciones Imperdonables] they are not learned in school, and the player chooses whether or not to learn them in specific ways. Even if the player learns them, they don’t have to use them. And the world reacts to its use. Characters will visually and audibly react to seeing the player cast an Unforgivable, but we don’t have a system of morality that punishes them for doing that. But if the player continues with these actions, the world will reflect their knowledge.”

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