Do you have trouble recognizing when someone is manipulating you? Do you ever find yourself doing things you didn’t want to do so someone wouldn’t be mad at you? Many people who come to my office tell me that, without knowing how, they found themselves living a life they didn’t want, with a great feeling of empty, sadness it’s from frustration. And it is that when we place ourselves completely at the disposal of others, failing to respect what we need, we lose ourselves and, little by little, we become vagabonds who walk aimlessly through our own lives.

Most of us grew up with the message, “To be a good person, I have to think of you before myself, otherwise I’m selfish.” If you grew up with this message, will you believe that put limitsIt is take care of you is synonymous with selfishness and if there is someone who is manipulating you at this moment, it will certainly remind you every time that, with effortsay something no.

yes you have fear of rejection or lonelinessIf you have low self-esteem, it’s important that you can work on it, as this fear makes you a perfect target to fall for. victim of manipulation.

How does a manipulator act?

People who tend to interact with others using manipulation are often experts at turning the tables at their convenience. They seek at all costs meet your needs and, for that, they use all kinds of strategies. They can lie, deny you what they told you before, make you believe you’ve gone crazy, use assumptions to not give a clear message and leave you thinking, confuse you, underestimate you, blame you, victimize you themselves… You will always be the villain of the movie and will rarely admit your mistakes.