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Dan Fallows was signed by Aston Martin from Red Bull, where he had been one of the main assistants and interns at Adrian Newley for many years and started working with the Silverstone team in April 2022.

Inevitably, this has led to the Austrian structure implying on several occasions that the competitive AMR23 is a copy of its car.

Although, McCullough says fallow and the green team’s new head of aerodynamics, Eric Blandinthey were keen to blend their knowledge learned at Red Bull and Mercedes respectively with those of the already established members of the team.

As such, they claim to have “Aston Martin style” when it comes to approaching their car’s development.

“One was at Red Bull and the other at Mercedes,” McCullough said of Fallows and Blandin.

“They wanted to do what Dan calls the “Aston Martin style”that is, listen to everything, listening to everyone in the team, getting all the different ways to develop a car and then seeing where we need to improve and seeing what we think is the best way to do it.“.

“So that’s something that I think Dan has been really good at, saying that you always have to watch what other people are doing, but you have to do it your way if you want to beat them.”

“That’s been Dan and Eric’s mantra from the beginning, from an aerodynamic and conceptual point of view. That’s the reality and that’s why the cars are so different in so many areas.”

McCullough emphasized that Fallows, Blandin and other signings have integrated well into the team in 2022, with which the technical director Andrew Greenwho has already left the function, in a fundamental role.

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Dan Fallows, Aston Martin F1 Team Technical Director, at a press conference

This year’s car for the past year has largely been under the supervision of Andrew Green. So he was the one who brought Dan and Eric up to date from a performance and aerodynamic development point of view.”

“I think they are very happy with what they saw, with the tools and with the people. We were on the right track even before they arrived, but they brought another level of experience and knowledge from two of the best teams in Formula 1. Mercedes and Red Bull.”

“They brought a lot of knowledge and experience that helped us to evolve and improve the way we work, and that relentless motivation.”

“I think for the most part it’s about creating an atmosphere to do that creative thinking that Dan and Eric are very willing to do from the beginning.“.

“They’re very happy with the ideas and information that have come to them, even from people who were already there. I think it’s been really good. That leadership leadership, that competitiveness and that drive is what Eric and Dan have brought to really for the party”.

McCullough explained said that the difficult 2022 season helped unite the team.

“Last year we developed two concepts,” he said. “We had taken a path that was not the right one, we accepted it, we changed it and then they arrived at this process.”

“They agreed, bought it and got down to business. So I think the working relationship between Dan, Eric and Andrew Green over the past year, along with the rest of the leadership, has been very strong.”

“I think, in a way, when you’re not very competitive and you know where you’re going, it helps bring people a little closer together. And that’s what happened to us last year. We were all disappointed when we weren’t fast enough at the start. of the year.

“And Eric and Dan, in addition to being very competent, are very good people, great human beings, and they really want this project to work. So it’s easy and fun to work with them”, concluded Fernando’s team performance director. Alonso and Lance Stroll.

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